A Year of the Digest – Top Ones to Read

It’s been just about two years now since your team started writing editorial and opinion pieces or our own rambling examinations of video games and the culture surrounding them. This time last year, we rounded up the top seven pieces that were some of the must reads of this content. Back then, it was the Nintendad Coffeehouse, but now it’s the Big Daddy Digest, bigger and better than ever before. So instead of seven pieces, let’s look at a top ten!

The Activision Blizzard Scandal Timeline

For one of the more recent pieces that had a bit more of a bend towards talking about the news, you can’t go wrong with this excellent roundup of what has been happening over at Activision Blizzard. If you’re not ingrained in the gaming news cycle, it’s easy for even the biggest news stories to slip you by, which is why having a piece like this where you can take a look at the domino effect that one big news lawsuit spiraled into. Not to mention that this is really one of those stories that you should be aware of as a consumer in case you want to vote with your wallet.

Mental Health and Video Games

Mental health is important and is one of those topics that there is no shortage of discussion of in video games (for better and for worse). It’s no surprise since so many of us use games as a mental escape from the rigors of reality and everyday life. This discussion on metal health and how it related to video games covers a wide range of topics, from how games can be good for mental health, to how they can be detrimental, to the stigma that can be related to both. It’s well worth your read if you are looking for a primer on the topic.

When the Grind Gets too Much

Ever played an RPG only to come up against an enemy that seems like an impassible wall? Ever realize how much you’re going to have to go back and kill standard enemies before you can be close to being ready and just die a little inside knowing how long that might take? Then this piece is going to be for you! Short and sweet, it get’s right to the point about what the grind can really feel like when you get into the swing of it.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Fortnite Experience

Fortnite trying to take a stand against racism was something that kind of came out of the blue one day, a downright baffling experience to behold. And behold it this piece does, giving you a walk through the the Martin Luther King Jr. experience as it was on the very first day that it launched. In it, we take a look at the many failures and the handful of successes that this attempt at discussion and education of real historical events had and if Fortnite was the place that they should have been happening in the first place.

What is with Nintendo’s Love of FOMO

Nintendo likes to utilize a lot of different tactics in order to pry the money from our wallets. Nostalgia and family friendliness are some of their primary selling points, but sometimes they like to make use of something like the fear of missing out on a special experience in order to get us to engage. In this piece we take a look at how Nintendo uses FOMO, perhaps more than a lot of other companies might.

Another Metroid Recap – Though Hopefully not… Dread-ful?

Metroid Dread is a hot new thing right now and this piece is certainly one to check out if it is going to be your first Metroid game. If you need catching up, this recap of the entire series is one that is going to be indispensable to you. Everything that you could ever need to know about the series is right here waiting for you.

LGBTQ+ Representation in the Media

This writer might be a little biased, but this is really one of the most shining examples of pieces that we have had this year. Covering a topic that not all of us might be educated on, this is where you can do a little learning about the triumphs and failures of LGBTQ+ issues and characters in not only video games but in media as a whole. Curious about what people mean when they say something is “queerbaiting” or why people get upset at the trope of “bury your gays”? This is where you can start your way along a winding path through the forest of all knowledge.

The Invisible Hype Cycle for Nintendo is Dangerous

This piece was written specifically in response to the rumors of a new Nintendo switch model coming out. While the Switch OLED turned out to be something that nobody was really expecting it to be, the rumors of a possible 4K capable switch are still flying around all over the place. As a result, the main points of this one still stand, enough that it’s worth giving a read if you haven’t. 

How Early is too Early?

Going hand in hand with the idea of the hype cycle for what we can’t see being something dangerous, let’s take a look at when a game gets announced way earlier than it should have been. How can that change how we receive games? This piece seeks to answer that with a whole bunch of words and one “super scientific” graph.

We Misinterpret why Virtual Console Matters

There’s been a lot of talk about the virtual console lately, especially in light of some of Nintendo’s more recent announcements regarding the expansion pack for Nintendo Switch Online. So, we’ll leave you off with a piece that examines the way that we have been talking about it may have been a little bit wrong. Why there are more reasons that it matters than you might think that there are.