[Yesterday’s News Today] Oh! Here’s All The Annoucements!

Hey! Remember when we were all griping that Nintendo didn’t have anything for the rest of the year? Remember when we all grumbled that all we had to look forward to was Pikmin 3 getting re-released at the end of the year? WELL EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW! Let’s talk shall we?

Breath of the Wild Zero

I love how Nintendo has adopted this whole mantra of “I’ll announce something when I’m good and ready and anybody who whines about it can eat my pants” that they’ve taken on recently, because a trailer dropped like a freight train on Tuesday morning. It’s for a little something called Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. I can assure you that, while some might have hoped for something like this to come out LITERALLY NOBODY SAW IT COMING. And it’s coming soon! Like, November soon.

But more importantly.



Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Gets New Screenshots Showing off Playable  Characters & More


Tilmen Mesut Kuçin 💋 on Twitter: "THREAD: 1: Tons of "Hyrule Warriors: Age  of Calamity" Screenshots: - Release November 20, 2020 on #NintendoSwitch -  48 Screenshots here u GO + Artworks… https://t.co/vO1eNtv9h6"


Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - All The Screenshots and Artworks You  Need - NintendObserver



The entire game is set during the massive war that break out 100 years before Breath of the Wild starts and it looks like it’s gonna be WILD. While looking to not have as many characters as the original Hyrule Warriors, it looks like we get to play as the Champions and kick bokoblin butt. Pencil me in for throwing a million bombs at everything I see or, better yet, obliterating my foes as Urbosa. The trailer is hype as hell and we don’t even have to wait that long to (a) hear more about it and (b) play it.

Expect more info on the 26th when the second info dump hits our eyeballs.

Even Fewer Heroes Than Before

Alas, for every beam of light, we must take in the shadows that accompany it. Suda51, the genius behind the antics of a certain Travis Touchdown and his exploits to murder anyone with a pulse, has given an update on the much anticipated No More Heroes III. Commence operation we-all-kind-of-expected-this-but-now-we-have-confirmation:

So, sadly we must wait even longer to see how Travis beats the ever-loving trash out of some gnarly looking aliens. Is it what I wanted to hear? No. Was it the right choice? Of course. Should you yell at him about this? No. That would mean you’re an idiot. Don’t be that person.


Toby Fox came out of the woodwork and gave us our first glimpse of Deltarune chapter 2 and I promise you that every single screenshot he put out there is something special. Looks like things are moving along nicely and it’ll come out whenever Toby feels like it. Until then, deal with it. If it’s anything like everything else he’s made, I’m in.


Rumors of a Switch Pro or something like it have been swirling around for an age (I feel like I talked about this somewhere before) and it seems like things might actually have some basis in truth these days. Via twitter’s @Wario64 (who you should totally follow if you’re looking for notifications when things restock. It’s how I got Ring Fit Adventure a few weeks back) I stumbled across this juicy little tidbit.

Seems that Bloomberg has been hearing that 3rd-party developers are being asked to have their Switch games be ready to play in 4K. Now, If I were a betting boy, and heaven knows I am, My guess is that where the big N has Switches flying off the shelves, maybe this won’t be an upgrade to the console, but potentially to the dock itself . Best not to alienate your largest install base since the Wii. If this is truly a thing, expect news whenever Nintendo feels like talking about it. My guess is sometime around announcing a new trailer for Breath of the Wild 2. Just speculating here…

For AVI-Charit-II

A really cool guy (and competent dancer) at Nintendad recently reviewed AVICII: Invector and you should totally go read that review and comment how handsome and charismatic that writer is. But enough about him, let’s talk about something significantly cooler than that! The cool team over at Hello Games is hosting a charity raffle over on eBay where you can enrtyeto win a custom AVICII: Invector white Switch Lite! Each entry is £5 and the donations go to the Safe In Our World charity that promotes mental health. Send them some love, folks. Also, the game is good. Win-win.

(Physically) Giving the Finger

I think you know how we feel about limited edition physical game releases, but it looks like Super Rare games is giving us another one by literally giving us the finger. I mean, I wanna be mad about this, but it’s flipping me off while I stare at it. You win this round, Super Rare…

It’s Not Me, It’s U(bisoft)

Ubisoft Forward is the next event of 2020's E3-less summer | Dot Esports

AND THEN THESE GUYS BROUGHT SOME HEAT. Ubisoft came out swinging on Thursday with some heavy hitters, which isn’t usually something I say for any sort of presentation that Ubisoft has EVER put out. I mean, when they’re not jamming The Division 2 or Call of Duty down my throat Ubisoft can usually give us something worth playing. (And I am so grateful that we didn’t get another live action dance-a-thon to get me excited for this year’s JJust Dance iteration. Thank the Lord). Let’s dig into the tasty morsels, shall we?

Fit For a Prince

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake Announced | Digital Market News

I mean, sure, this had been leaked a few days ago, but we finally got to see what this was all about. Ubisoft announced the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake and it looked better than I was expecting. I mean, this game came out back in 2004, so a revival is a pretty great touch and I like that a lot of people are going this route (*cough* REMAKE Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman 2 *cough*). While the trailer didn’t seem to mention a Switch release, the website does.

On a (Scott) Pilgrimage

EXCUSE ME! EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME?!?!? Are you telling me that one of the greatest arcade beat-’em-up’s ever released on modern consoles is not only getting a re-release for the first time in SEVEN YEARS but that it’s also coming out THIS YEAR and ON MY SWITCH?!?!?!?! Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game has been literally impossible to buy since 2014. You literally had to buy an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 with the game preinstalled to play it since then. I mean, you could have been one of those pirates who just played it whenever you wanted to, but then I would judge you because I never found the ROM so I couldn’t make it work. BUT NOW IT’S BACK! (I’m sure Limited Run games is ECSTATIC. When’s Scott Pilgrim? Holiday 2020. Now STOP ASKING.)

Good Mythical Morning

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft's Zelda: Breath of the wild | VentureBeat

Hey, remember that trailer that Ubisoft revealed last year called “Gods and Monsters”? Well, it’s called Immortals: Fenyx Rising now and it looks pretty solid. You can see the Breath of the Wild references all over the place as the entire world seems to be free to explore from the very beginning. It’s action-y adventure-y goodness and it looks like it’ll be worth your time. Or you know, maybe not. All I know is that there was a noticeable lack of Rayman. Not gonna lie, kinda bummed.

So, that should be it, I think. Unless tomorrow morning Nintendo decides to announce 50 more games for Switch online and I mutter curses under my breath as this article becomes IMMEDIATELY outdated.

Oh, and uh… there’s a new Fortnite Switch bundle for any of you out there that care about that game still. At least the Joycons look cool. and the dock looks ok. Woohoo?

Now nobody announce anything for like… a few days. I need to BREATHE over here.