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The World’s Most Wholesome Battle Royale

With the one year anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons this weekend, we thought it would be fun to celebrate in a manner similar to Doom, which released the same day as this cheery life simulator. So, we’re having ourselves a bit of an Animal Crossing Hunger games! Over the past week, we here at Big Daddy Gaming had ourselves a tournament bracket to determine who’s the best of the best. This bracket will be for the special character that we love and you can find the bracket for villagers here.

As for how our tournament was structured, it was a single elimination bracket where we pit characters head to head for the voting pleasure of our animal crossing lovers. In this case, we tried to have as many characters as could be allowed but a few cuts were made in order to make room for those who were in older games but have not yet made their way into New Horizons. With each round, our voters were asked to give their reasons for voting the way they did, so with each elimination, we can take a peek at the nice things that were said about the contenders that just had to go. With that being said, let’s take a look at who was in the first round. With that being said, you can see who was all contenders were from the start above, now let’s take a look at who didn’t make the first cut.

The First Cut

The first round had only 4 votes in it because there were a few that needed to get a by due to the number of characters that we had, so we instantly said goodbye to: 

  • Redd
    • Redd was up against Celeste in the first round and many comments referenced the differences between the two.
    • “He’s shady”
    • “Sounds like a more trustworthy person than that two-timing, fake-painting-selling Redd!”
    • “Because Celeste doesn’t sell me haunted sculptures that I can’t offload! Thanks a lot ‘Cuz!”
  • Leif
    • “Spacey and huggable”
    • “He looks lazy ;)”
  • Pave
    • “I don’t know who Pave is.” 
    • “Sorry Pave.”
    • I theorize that Pave’s event lasting only one day makes him less memorable, however, I do find him fabulous.
  • Dr. Shrunk
    • “He is so corny!”

The Second Cut

Here’s the first real big cut where we have to say goodbye to sixteen members of the community. It’s a real separating of the wheat from the chaff. In here are a few that I had a person or two admit they didn’t remember that well. However, we still love them a lot. Some of these had already survived a first battle and some of these had been given a pass to this round automatically, but it changes not that these ones had to go:

  • Harvey
  • Reese/Cyrus
    • “Power couple”
  • Timmy and Tommy
    • “I’m a little brother, so I can relate”
    • “A dynamic duo”
  • Franklin
    • “The Turkey Day event was fun, and he’s got a decent personality.”
  • Kicks
    • “That hat!”
    • “SHOES!”
    • “As a shoe collector, I respect his craft.”
  • Gulliver
    • “Only shows up occasionally”
  • Wilbur
    • There were no comments for Wilbur, but we salute this new character for trying!
  • Label
    • It was hard to Label to be up against Sable, who had considerably more comments. However, two people expressed they would choose both if they could. It was clearly a difficult choice.
  • Daisy Mae
    • “Such a young’un working so hard!”
    • “Her runny nose.”
    • “Stonks!!!”
    • Most of the responses boiled down to basically “stonks/stalks/stocks”, making me believe this was a character valued more for her utility than her actual character. Still cute though.
  • Pascal
    • “Those random nuggets of wisdom always make my day”
  • Orville
    • Another character with no comments, but this newbie might have better luck once he’s been around a little longer.
  • Zipper T. Bunny
    • “**** Zipper T. Bunny. Him and his ****ing eggs.”
    • “Creepy Easter bunny”
    • The animosity for egg day still runs strong enough to knock him aside.
  • Mr. Resetti
    • “I feel bad that I’ve never had to use the rescue service yet.”
    • “I miss him sometimes. I wonder: does he even care that I don’t save my game?”
    • “Resetti sucks.”
    • “I wish I could still visit him…”
  • Gracie
    • “Gracie doesn’t fit the vibe of New Horizons, really, but I do miss the giraffe a little.”
  • Sahara
    • “The way she talks is kinda fun.”
    • “Thank you for no longer forcibly changing my walls and floor.”
  • Rover
    • “Good first face to meet. Good friend. Probably a murderer but won’t ever mention it out loud.”
    • “That first impression always lasts.”
    • I believe that Rover’s lack of being around more was his downfall.

The Third Cut

This round meant giving up eight dear friends. That’s okay though, because their sacrifice propels the others forward. I’ll admit that some of these lasted longer than I expected them to so we have to give them credit for that. Let’s wave goodbye to:

  • Jingle
    • “I assume Jingle has something to do with Christmas, the ultimate holiday, and that is the only reason I’m picking them.”
    • “Presents!”
    • “Christmas!”
  • Tom Nook
    • “The ultimate kingpin”
    • “To lower my debt.”
    • “I feel like Tom Nook gives a firm, if furry, handshake.”
    • “I think the backstory given in Happy Home Designer is what really saved him for me.”
  • Kapp’n
    • “Because if you leave him singing long enough he sings totaka’s song”
    • “Kapp’n and his sea shanties any day.”
  • Jack
    • “He’s mischievous and sugar-obsessed – reminds me of my brother.
    • “He threatened to turn me into a jack in the box.”
  • Mable
    • “She doesn’t get mad when I spend ages in the fitting room.”
  • Brewster
    • “I figure if I vote for Brewster someone might finally release an update with his coffee shop in…”
    • “One word – COFFEE!!”
  • C.J.
    • “He’s a good reflection of the modern-day influencer, with a lot less toxicity.”
    • “I can only assume his full name is Cornelius Jefferson.”
    • “CJ’s energy is oddly contagious.”
  • Lloid
    • “Infuriatingly optimistic, Lloid is amusing regardless.”
    • Lloid saw a lot of silent support, voted for with no comment as to why. I can only assume it was the flailing arms.

The Quarter Final

The Quarter Final saw four cuts again, much like the first round and we lost some real favorites here. Let’s give them a little love as we say farewell to:

  • Celeste
    • “She’s so adorable and wholesome.”
    • “Celeste is such a pure and sweet character, and she gives the best recipes.”
    • “Celeste is just so sweet and positive, and makes me smile every time she turns up.”
    • Celeste was defeated by Isabelle by a single vote. One person even commented that it was the hardest choice.
  • Sable
    • “The heart of the able sisters…”
    • “Shy but gentle, she reminds me of me from a few years ago.”
    • “Sable’s a nice older sister, and it’s nice to see her get less prickly over time.”
  • Flick
    • “Because he is precious and his commissions are always open!”
    • “Flick’s such a lovable geek!”
    • “Too adorable.”
    • Flick was eliminated by just one vote. It was very close.
  • Tortimer
    • “Tortimer was around longer and was very mayorly.”
    • “I trust him with mayoring duties more than I trust myself.”

The Semi-Final

The Semi-final means saying goodbye to two of our last four. It was a tough choice, but it had to be made, so we lost: 

  • Isabelle
    • “Has kicked my *** several times in Smash Ultimate.”
    • “She works so hard, and is so underappreciated.”
    • “Isabelle just tried so hard when you are gone.”
    • “Isabelle tries so hard. Don’t want to disappoint her.”
    • Her elimination against K.K. Slider was yet another that came by just a single vote. It’s crazy how this character who was only introduced last game went toe to toe with characters that have been around since the beginning.
  • Wisp
    • “It wasn’t until my college years that I played Animal Crossing [Gamecube] and stayed up long enough to meet this friendly ghost. Time well spent.”
    • “There’s just something so cutely ironic about the ghost that’s scared of ghosts… Plus he gives the best gifts!”
    • “He’ll haunt me, and you, if you don’t vote for him.”
    • I personally did not realize how popular Wisp is until now.

The Final!

The Final two fought so hard to get here and I think it’s not surprising that it’s two of the most iconic characters that we have seen in the series and who have been there from the very first installment. So cheers to these two and let’s see what everyone has to say about them. Once you’ve finished, you can scroll down to see who our champion was.

  • K.K. Slider
    • “Um, who doesn’t love K.K.?!”
    • “He can sing it all!”
    • “Meep mope meep meep mep moowwwwwww [K.K. Jazz]”
    • “The weekly K.K. concerts are always fun, and some of the tracks are really nice to listen to.”
    • “KK can play all music and make it slap.”
    • “He inspired a whole genre of fan made K.K. covers that have no right to be as good as they are and yet so many of them are amazing.”
    • “K.K. is just so chill, and the music is nice to listen to.”
  • Blathers
    • “Because my daughter would hate me if I didn’t choose “owl””
    • “It’s always funny to bring him bugs. Even if I know he has them already.”
    • “Probably a good uncle.”
    • “Because when we wake him up the whole house sings “ooooooooooe bong”!”
    • “The irony of an owl being afraid of insects…”
    • “Blathers doesn’t like bugs and neither do I!”
    • “I admire his stoic resolve when talking about insects!”

Our Champion