[Review] Bake ‘n Switch – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Streamline Games
  • Publisher: Streamline Media Group
  • Release Date: 10/09/2020
  • Price: £24.99 / $29.99
  • Review code provided by Streamline Media Group

Introducing: the Bake ‘n Switch Review

I’ll admit, I didn’t know a lot about Bake ‘n Switch before I donned my oven mitt and got to work. This cleverly named game, which is most suited for Nintendo’s console, will have you frying up fun in no time with friends and family. It seems after the success of Overcooked, pastry themed party games have been vying for a hot spot at the forefront of the Switch eShop. So does Bake ‘n Switch have the secret recipe? Read our full review to find out.

A Family Favorite Recipe

The World of Fla is inhabited by a variety of doughlings. These cute creatures have minds of their own despite their doughy insides. You must come together with other talented bakers to wrangle the delectable doughs and cook them for the good of the world. Hangry guardians threaten the island and need to be fed to keep their crazed crustiness away.

Bake ‘n Switch is told through adorable cutscenes and leaves a lot to the imagination. Piece by piece the story comes together. Since this is a co-op party game, the narrative is a little raw but has an unobtrusive taste. Which is just the way it should be for a game that you’re picking up for quick play sessions with a group of friends.

One Cup of Sugar

Bake ‘n Switch follows a straightforward recipe when cooking up gameplay. Two to Four bakers run around the screen combining the doughy creatures to cook into tasty snacks. The dough can be tossed together with a max of 30 creatures combined. The doughlings run, jump or roll around making you chase them all over the board. Not only that, you’re quite slow to start and holding on to the dough weighs you down even more. Working together helps alleviate traversing the entire board.

As the game progresses, new elements are introduced to up the challenge. Some levels require you to dunk the cookie critters into fountains of flavor. Others have impassable barriers or winds that blow you off the map. Plus there’s always the threat of your goodies getting moldy. Mould isn’t just a static afterthought however. Moulds creep and crawl around each level, seeking out your doughy friends in an attempt to spoil them.

A Sprinkling of Cinnamon

Bake ‘n Switch is addictive and fun. It’s hard to stop after a few levels. It hinges on teamwork but we found ourselves getting self absorbed in our own tasks. There were only a few levels that forced us to work together. Of course, when we communicated better and played as a team we saw better results. Getting a higher score meant more stars to unlock additional levels and outfits for our trusted bakers.

The pacing can feel slow but Bake ‘n Switch isn’t frenzied in terms of speed. It’s franticness comes from managing a lot on the screen while racing a timer. Catch and throw dough while avoiding mould monsters. Don’t sink in sand or get blown away while dunking your creations in the correct flavor pools. Pass the doughs to another player and hope they get it into the oven while you activate your powerup and go for the highest score.

Two Teaspoons of Vanilla

Not only is couch co-op a main feature of Bake ‘n Switch, it’s required to play with at least a pair. There’s no solo mode, much to the dismay of my eight year old daughter. Even the online option was lacking. We couldn’t find a way to play as a single player with random users across the globe. The online option only allows you to invite friends who also have a copy of the game. There’s an added pvp mode if cooperation isn’t your strong suit. Pvp was a great way to mix up the game but it would have been nice to have some sort of solo option.

A Smatter of Salt

The eShop description of Bake ‘n Switch describes the little creatures as adoughrable. Which is an apt description for the adoughrable graphics overall. Bake ‘n Switch is sweet and savory on the eyes. You almost feel bad for cooking the doughy critters. Especially the monkey bread. The sound is just as cute as the art and has a nice crispiness to everything that happens. The effects have decent range and the soundtrack was a tangy piquant of flavor that never grew bland.

Aside from Bake ‘n Switch lacking a solo mode, we didn’t run into problems. This game was adequately cooked with all the bugs baked out. Tabletop mode was passable but not recommended due to all the happenings on a small display. Bake ‘n Switch is best enjoyed on the big screen.

The Cooked Product

Bake ‘n Switch is a great addition to any fan of party games. Of course, a party is required to savor the game as a solo player will starve while watching delicious treats dance out of reach. The gameplay has the right flavor and the story is a slow stew, heated at just the right temperature. The adorable doughlings and cute graphics are trimmed to perfection with sweet sounds to attract the hungriest gamers.


  • Couch Co-op Cooking Mayhem
  • Adoughrable Graphics and Cookie Characters
  • 100 Levels with Unlockables


  • No Single Player Option
  • Online Requires Friends

The price may seem a tad high, but there’s a lot of content cooked in, making Bake ‘n Switch a filling treat.

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