Bandai Namco and Yooreka | E3 2021

Here we finally are at the tail end of E3 2021. We have had some varied quality of shows for sure this year. So, what did some of the last main presentations bring to the table? Well, I am going to give you the run down on Bandai Namco and Yooreka right here.

The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes

Yeah, this is it for Bandai Namco. They had so many things they could have shown us today, including Scarlet Nexus and yet we got a sit down interview with the creator of the series. Plus the same old trailer for it we have seen like three times this week already. It is almost like Bandai Namco didn’t even need to have a showcase at all.

Yooreka Showcase

Now you can see why I bundled these two together at least. Anyway, going into this I actually wasn’t familiar with this group at all. It seems they are a publisher that formed back in 2019 that helps publish and market indie games. Either way, the indie showcases have been a treat this year and certainly worth the watch. Let’s get moving with the rundown for the showcase here.


This game looks like high fidelity Katana Zero. It looks really neat though and I am a sucker for looping games in general. I am excited to see what the story is outside of simply “find the journalist.”

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator

Engage is realistic siege warfare in this new indie game. From the trailer we saw different terrains, like a castle, field, and river combat. There also appear to be different types of units, because we saw giant brute like enemies and units holding and charging with shield. A demo is available on Steam right now.

Metal Mind 

A roguelike about robot-on-robot combat. The trailer also showed off that you can customize your mech with various parts and weapons. If you have seen my coverage at all this week you would know by now I am a big sucker for mech games. Certainly going to keep an eye on this one.

The Swordsmen X: Survival 

An open-world survival game fused with martial arts. Appears to have crafting in it as well and the trailer shows you building a base for yourself.

Tales of Wild

Appears to be another survival/crafting game. You can also construct a massive base in this game and siege and loot other bases.

The Immortal Mayor

Play as a local god and use magic to help build up your city in this title. I would say this is new to the genre, but let’s be honest here. SimCity let you rain fiery hell on your cities when you got bored. Got to give this game some credit though, it looks absolutely gorgeous. A demo is available on Steam now.

Reshaping Mars

Construct a base on Mars and work on terra-forming it into a planet suitable for life. I like the idea of games like this and might give this one a look when it comes out. Demo available on Steam


A Chinese martial arts detective game. Use your sharp tongue and quick thinking to defeat your enemies. If this is something that interests you, there is an English demo available on Steam today.

That is all for the Bandai Namco and Yooreka showcases. I am certainly checking out Metal Mind when it comes out. Did anything here interest you? Why not leave us know in our comments? Make sure to come back and check Big Daddy Gaming for more E3 2021 coverage. E3 2021 may be over but we are still going to bring you all the big news in the aftermath.

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