Big Daddy Gaming Recruitment Roles

Whenever we have openings here at Big Daddy Gaming, this is the place to be. Any and all available positions will be listed here – a one-stop-shop on your way to games journalism greatness, if you will. Thank you so much for your interest in our humble site. We look forward to working with you.

*All roles are unpaid, but you will get perks and benefits, including review copies, interview opportunities as well as a platform to promote your own inimitable talents.


The ideal Editorial member has a wide range of skills, but more importantly, they’ll have an unwavering passion for next-gen games and consoles. That passion will extend beyond just games. It’ll encompass the wellbeing of the site, the team, and most importantly, the BDG audience. We wouldn’t be anything without the people who read our content, and our number one priority is to give those lovely folks the internet’s very best next-gen coverage.


  • Facilitate day-to-day operations of the website
  • Stay in touch with BDG staff, assisting them in any way possible
  • Network with game developers, publishers, and PR contacts to set up reviews and interviews
  • Innovate with new concepts for features
  • Jump into the mix with reviews and opinion pieces of your own
  • Help recruit new writers
  • Generally, promote the growth of BDG through creative thinking

Staff Writers – Xbox Series X|S ready

Staff writers are the real the superheroes, the engine room of the site. It is because of them, and their unique and expressive way with words that our wonderful viewers will have so much top-tier content to peruse. Staff writers at BDG must be three things – methodical, impartial and creative in their writing.

If you’re able to cover games on Nintendo Switch, Xbox or Playstation, we have an opportunity for you. If you’re next-gen ready, even better!

Big Poppa


  • Work methodically, providing a swift and thorough turnaround of game completion and written coverage
  • Put aside any preconceived perceptions of a game and approach it with impartial eyes
  • Offer a creative take with your written review. Think the game is “fun”? explore the possibility of it offering joyful jollification instead
  • Contribute to regular features, as well as team endeavours, such as Top 10s
  • Have a voice. The BDG family will grow stronger with the contributions of each and every one of its members. If you have ideas for content, or ways to grow, we absolutely want to hear them

Community champion

Are you meme-savvy? Fluent in GIF? Have you got your finger on the button when it comes to current trends?

We need you to help us grow our online presence.


  • Create engaging content to start a conversation
  • Stay on-trend, keeping BDG fresh and relevant
  • Help to promote content from the site, in an exciting way

To apply for any of the available roles, please use the contact form below, clearly stating what position you’re applying for and linking any relevant experience.

We can’t wait to hear from you.