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Kiss your mother with that mouth?

Blasphemous has been high on the wish list of many a gamer since it’s announcement earlier this year. Nintendad were offered the chance to go hands on with the Nintendo Switch version at Gamescom recently. Read on to see what we thought.

Blasphemous is a beast of a game in every sense of the word. The fifteen minute demo that I played had me fighting ghoulish enemies and traversing platforms via a very cool mechanic in which my character used his blade to gain leverage on walls and descend further. Blasphemous started with me going from the right of the screen to the left, which struck me as a change from the norm of left to right. After a while, having purchased an upgrade, I had to climb up a few levels and then carry on my journey. This all added to Blashemous’s sense of individuality and style. That being said, everything about Blasphemous screamed Dark Souls; from the lantern like fountains that were used as save points – and subsequently re-spawned enemies, to the way I had to reclaim my collectables from the place I died.

Souls-like, but very much it’s own game

The developers present at the hands on demo were keen to stress that all the lore stemmed from their own culture, from Spanish folk tales and alike. This is really reflected in Blasphemous’s distinct presentation, along with the devilish creatures you encounter. Whilst I’m in no way knowledgeable in Spanish lore, I could sense it’s presence throughout the areas of the game that I beheld.

For the record, Blasphemous looks utterly stunning, and paired with the fact that it runs without fault on Nintendo Switch, in handheld mode, Team 17 are on to another winner here; the hard work of The Game Kitchen, mixed with their obvious passion for a project very much close to home, paying huge dividends.

Blasphemous will launch digitally on Nintendo Switch, along with other consoles, on September 10th.

Thanks to Team 17 and The Game Kitchen for taking the time to show me their game.

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