BodyQuest | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Artax Games
  • Publisher: Artax Games
  • Price: £5.39 / $5.99
  • Release Date: 25/03/2021
  • Review code provided by Artax Games

Introducing: BodyQuest Nintendo Switch Review

BodyQuest is an educational game targeted at kids. At Big Daddy Gaming, we wanted to see just how well suited it really is for the younger audience. For this review of BodyQuest on the Nintendo Switch, I let my nine year old daughter take the lead. I sat and observed her play the first few levels and then she was off on her own. It took her a few days, but she completed the game without any input from me. That’s when I sat down and we played together. So for this review of BodyQuest on the Switch, I’ll break out her opinion from mine so you can read our two perspectives. Continue scrolling to see if BodyQuest is a good choice for the little ones in your life.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Parent Perspective

BodyQuest starts off with a colorful cutscene showing an ill child. Reclined in a hospital bed, he has an assortment of machines and monitors hooked up to him. As the medical team observes their patient, a virus escapes through the line which is meant to inject nanobots. The virus maliciously abducts the robot controlling the nanobots and shrinks it into the boy’s body. The team has little choice but to do the same and convert themselves to microscopic guardians and enter the ailing body to save the robot and the boy, a la Innerspace.

Kid Perspective

You’re supposed to heal a patient in a bed. People go off to a meeting and they leave the robot incharge of taking care of the sick kid. There are some viruses that go through the cord and attack the robot. They kidnap the robot and shrink it down and hide it in the sick kid’s body. When the people get back from the meeting they have to save the robot and heal the kid using nanobots.

The Parts of You and Me

Parent Perspective

BodyQuest is an educational game with some fun adventuring layered throughout. You pilot a hoverboard inside the ill body. All the while dodging and shooting rogue viruses. As you navigate around each level, you have a goal to repair different parts of the body. These range from the musculoskeletal system to the digestive system. Each level teaches about the human body with quizzes. The variety was nice as the quizzes don’t follow the same model.

There was a decent balance between the gameplay and the learning portions of the game. My daughter enjoyed each aspect and it was fun watching her learn. Since you can retake tests, I suggested she challenge her older brother (14) to see who knew more about the nervous system once she finished the game. BodyQuest did its job as she mopped the floor with him. The game is a bit short and even though you can play through to find collectibles and unlock items, it did feel repetitive after a while.

Kid Perspective

First you start a level by riding a hoverboard and have to find the guardian, a robot within the kid. The guardian has a disc and you have to solve quizzes to get the disk. The better you do on the quiz, you get more diplomas. If you get enough diplomas, you can buy items. Once you return the disk to the computer you get the nanobot for that area and return it to the health machine.

BodyQuest was really fun and you get to learn things. Some of the quizzes were really hard but they were still fun. You learn a lot when doing the quizzes. It was also cool that you could get new hoverboards and glasses. There’s a lot of things to unlock. One of my favorite things is there are hidden items on every board. These hidden items teach you new things about medicine. I like that you can fight monsters but you can ignore them if you’d like. Overall this was a very fun game to play.

Hello, My Body!

Parent Perspective

The art style is cartoony and appropriate for all ages. Since your character is inside the human body, you may worry that younger kids don’t understand what they’re looking at. Though that did happen from time to time, most of the images were clearly discernible. They never bothered my daughter. BodyQuest has a clean smooth look and isn’t overly graphic.

The sound and music was rather simplistic. After playing for longer sittings, it grew repetitive. We didn’t encounter any bugs with the game but we did find a spelling error. That’s not something I would normally critique. It’s worth calling out as this is an educational game. The quiz questions should have been screened better to avoid those issues.

Kid Perspective

I thought the game looked cool. It has an animated look and. I liked how the characters appeared and how they designed the eyes and glasses. The graphics during the quizzes were easy to understand. I liked that it only showed one system instead of layers so there was no confusion at what the arrow was pointing at. I didn’t think that anything was gross or yucky. It didn’t show real blood or anything. The animations during the game were cool.

The music was really nice for this game. The music didn’t repeat or bug me. You can also turn it off if you don’t like it. It also had good sound effects that were fun.

When I finished the game, I noticed there were no glitches or bugs. It was really easy to play and didn’t have any problems. None at all. It was a clean playthrough.

Final Wrap

Parent Perspective

In our review of BodyQuest on the Switch, we found it very informative. It lived up to the educational promise and was fun at the same time. I even enjoyed getting in on the quizzes. The gameplay was overly simple for me but was perfect for my daughter. At its price, it gives good value for being more than just a game.

Though the style can be repetitive and the game is short, you can always replay the levels. If you don’t want to zip around the boards and just take a quiz over, you can do that too. Added collectibles and unlockable gear for the avatars adds an element that warrants revisiting BodyQuest as well.

Kid Perspective

I really liked that this game didn’t have any problems. I like that there are special skills that you unlock and can change characters. I loved taking the quizzes and that I could retake them if I needed to. The intro and ending story scenes were fun and I enjoyed this game. I was glad that there were boy and girl characters I could play in the game. This game is worth the price and was a good game. I didn’t have any problems with the game.


  • Educational
  • Easy Gameplay for Target Audience
  • Variety of Quizzes


  • Repetitive Gameplay

BodyQuest is an enjoyable learning experience well designed for kids.

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