[Review] Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 12/02/2021
  • Price: £49.99 / $59.99
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Introducing: Bowser’s Fury Switch Review

When the trailer for the remaster of 3D world dropped in 2020, viewers began to wonder what would be different when the game came out?  Would there be more characters to romp around as?  Extra levels to find the Hidden Luigis in?  Would there be different colored toads?  Of course, none of these questions were answered, and yet, there was another reveal.  A new mode!  Bowser’s Fury.  The exact details of what this mode is, what it means, and what exactly you do in it were kept rather vague, and now we understand why. 

And The Story Iiiiis….?

Bowser's Fury Switch review
He Big. He angy. He Big Angy Bowser.

Our story begins with Mario traveling along a similar road he traveled with his friends at the beginning of 3D World.  He notices some odd black gunk on the ground on his travels and begins running to the source!  He discovers a black, gooey M on the ground, similar to the painted M from Super Mario Sunshine.  The M turns into a big, scary portal and Mario falls in. 

After Mario survives a fall that should definitely have broken his entire body, the player takes control and starts to travel this odd new environment.  As you run across a crashed Airship, a dark form in the backround begins moving.  It’s a Giant Bowser!  He begins shooting spikes at you and unleashing his fiery breath!  You run for your life until you come to a stack of blocks with Bowser’s face on it.  Wait for Bowser to let loose his fiery beam of doom to break the blocks down, then grab the Cat Shine.  It will activate a lighthouse with a light that will scare Bowser off for some reason.

After you turn the lights on and Bowser leaves, the environment begins to change!  A Mario level-esque area pops out of a lake of water surrounded by an ocean of black goo.  Amid the island now available is Bowser Jr. who is quite frantic.  He goes on to explain that Bowser is now out of control and he doesn’t know what happened.  That’s… convenient?  Mario offers to help Bowser Jr. change his dad back to normal and so begins Mario’s new adventure.

You Got Your Odyssey In My 3D World

Bowser's Fury Switch review
Everything has Cat Ears

Immediately, even while running around during the first moments of this mode, you’ll notice how odd it is that a 3D world Mario is running around in a environment that feels like it belongs in Super Mario Odyssey.  It’s a really strange departure because the controls don’t feel built for the world Bowser’s Fury takes place in.  It takes a bit of getting used to because the main game is a set of self-contained levels with flags at the end, then we get this open area with 3D world controls attached.

The point in this mode is to collect enough Cat Shines to unlock the Giga Bells so you can transform into Giant Cat Mario and fight Big Bowser.  Every few minutes, the environment will change. The weather will become stormy, and Big Bowser will rise up and start spitting fire balls and giant spikes at you.  You can make Bowser go away by getting a cat shine near one of the lighthouses, or get a Giga Bell and fight him.  Either one works, but getting any of the Lighthouses lit will lower Big Bowser’s HP a bit and make your next Bowser Battle easier.

Fun with a Friend

Bowser's Fury Switch review

If this mode seems too daunting a task for you to take on, you can always recruit a friend to take control of Bowser Jr.!  Unfortunately, allowing for that makes this mode INCREDIBLY easy.  Bowser Jr. can travel extreme distances, is allowed to fight enemies, tank hits, gather Cat Shine Pieces, activate switches, basically everything except collect the Cat Shines himself and fight Bowser.  He seems extremely overpowered for a helper character, but is honestly the most agency a second player has gotten since they could be Cappy in Odyssey. 

Final Thoughts

Bowser's Fury Nintendo Switch review
Godzilla Vs. Kong

Bowser’s Fury is an ultimately forgettable mode that offered zero explanation for it’s story, it’s new version of Bowser, it’s world, or it’s point.  This could have been a fun new mode because it offered this open world that departed itself from the Main game’s way of progression, but instead it bores you, explains nothing, and ends unceremoniously after about 2 hours of play time.  Hopefully these ‘should have been Odyssey DLC’ modes don’t get added to future Mario Remasters, but Nintendo has to justify that $60 price tag somehow!


  • Environments are beautiful
  • CATS!


  • 2-Player mode makes the game SUPER easy
  • No explanation for anything
  • Shockingly short
  • Strange controls
  • Does NOT justify full price for this remaster

Bowser’s Fury feels like more of an afterthought rather than a full-fledged mode. It lacks a purpose, and a point and will only add to the reasons not to buy this remaster at full price.

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