Breath of the Wild 2 | 5 things we want to see

Breath of the Wild 2 is still out there on the horizon. We haven’t gotten much more information about it lately so it’s about time for some more rampant speculation and wild theori#es that may or may not have any chance of coming true. That means it’s also time for some wild wishlists that have little to no chance of coming true! Even still, we’re going to make one anyway. So here are some of our top hopes for what’s to come in Breath of the Wild’s sequel.

Changes to the Map

Breath of the Wild 2

Obviously, Hyrule won’t be changing too much in the time between games. Nothing is going to have leveled the mountains or redirected the rivers, at least we hope nothing that catastrophic has happened to our beloved characters. However, there are a lot of opportunities to reshape things in the wake of Calamity Ganon being driven away for good.

We’re personally hoping for a little expansion to the existing settlements since they’re not living in as much fear. Perhaps even a new one has cropped up, particularly in the area surrounding the castle, which should be much safer now. Maybe the monsters of the land have built up sturdier places to hunker down now!  The scope to make the world feel fresh and exciting without having to drastically change the base that is already there. Even giving the towns a little more life through deeper interactions with the characters there would go a long way to giving more life to the world. Though, we would never say no to a whole new area being added, such as an underground cavern system. Just please don’t make us spend hours searching for Korok seeds, Nintendo.

More Tools or Runes

Breath of the Wild 2

In addition to the environment being expanded, it might be nice to have a new way or two to play around in the environment. Even just the addition of one more rune could open up tons of possibilities in combat or puzzle potential. There’s already so much that players have figured out how to creatively do with the tools at their disposal. Just imagine what could come with just a few more interesting runes to make use of! Heck, even a few unbreakable weapons with special abilities could work in this role. It’s always been such a shame that the memorable weapons of the champions were able to break. Perhaps some kind of tool in their place would serve a more interesting purpose.

Expanded but Fewer Shrines

Breath of the Wild 2

While the shrines were enjoyable, there’s no doubt that a lot of us would like to see at least some level of change in the sequel. With the divine beasts gone, perhaps we can see some larger lost shrines that are so much bigger than the typical one to take their place in gameplay. A full traditional dungeon rather than single room puzzles scattered through the whole world. Breath of the Wild was a massive departure from the typical Zelda formula and while it was wonderful, there are some who would want a little of that back. Breath of the Wild 2 is a chance to marry the two styles together and I am curious as to what degree the developers might do that.

A Touch More Direction

Breath of the Wild 2

One of the greatest things that Breath of the Wild gives players is the freedom to go where they want and do what they please. However, for some players, that can be something of a curse. Perhaps a little more direction in where to go and where things are would help. This could even be optional, so those who want to sink 600 hours into the game, can, while those who have too much going on in their lives can manage things a little more easily. As I said, this could even be entirely optional. Options are good!

Play as the Princess

Of course, there’s no denying that there are a lot of us who would love to have a game where we can play as the princess herself, though Nintendo has never blessed us with that chance. At times it has been understandable and at others, we all perhaps got our hopes a little too high. That may be happening again since there hasn’t been any official inclination one way or the other on the matter for this game and it would be quite the wild change for a sequel to make. However, I did do some wild speculation at the end of a recent piece I wrote comparing Breath of the Wild to Ghibli films that this may in fact be possible. Nothing is confirmed, but until Nintendo actually gives us some information, I’m choosing to hold out hope.

But, what do you think? Share with us what you most want to see in Breath of the Wild 2. We’re infinitely curious!

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