[Review] Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: ClockStone Software
  • Publisher: Headup Games
  • Release Date: 19/11/2020
  • Price: £11.99 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Headup Games
  • Version reviewed: 1.0.11

Introducing Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Switch Review

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any successful IP will lead to spin-offs and cross-overs with other successful IPs. Thus we end up with Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

I like the original comics, I enjoyed the TV series, I’ve been a fan of zombie franchises for longer than I can remember. So I had high hopes for this game. What could be more fun than directing a group of survivors to safety, building constructions to help them on their way and decimate numbers of the undead at the same time? Taking control of the iconic characters, enjoying the cleverly written story and unleashing one’s creativity-ah, pure bliss.

So, long story short: You take a small group of zombie apocalypse survivors, add a character that’s able to dish out cringeworthy dialogues, but makes himself worth keeping alive because he knows how to build stuff, and lead this motley crew to safety by basically guiding them through a number of stages. That’s it! It’s Bridge Constructor (with zombies)!


…are what you need for this game. Seriously, it’s a puzzle game where getting things wrong will send your heroes into the mouths of death. Which is not what you want to do if you want to pass through the many stages of the story. On second thought, sometimes it’s a pleasure to do just that, especially with Eugine, whose cringeworthy utterances I’ve already mentioned.

You’ve got a bit of variety when it comes to building materials, e.g. wood, steel, ropes – all with their own properties and cost. Also, your heroes have special actions they can use at waypoints. This adds a bit of spice to the mix, because without them you’d be hard pressed to finish some of the stages.

The usual cycle of doing things in Bridge Constructor goes like this: you arrive at a stage and gather intel. Then you set up the actions for the waypoints your heroes are supposed to take. Each waypoint can store up to five actions for each hero. Finally, you build all the structures you need and start the action.

Naturally, you’ll be repeating this cycle until all the heroes safely arrive at their destined locations, because usually something gets wrong. Your bridge breaks, the walkers catch up to one of your heroes – keep in mind that you can fight forward, but your back is extremely vulnerable – or your hero stumbles and falls flat on his face. The chances for screw-ups are endless.


…aren’t everything, but cell shading, really? It’s OK, it get’s the job done. Everything is clearly visible, which is nice, but the artstyle of the game doesn’t do the original comics justice. It might be a similar style to the other The Walking Dead games, but why use the same old style for a fresh cross-over? Did the developers run out of ideas? Or was it used because the game is not only available on consoles, but on mobile devices, too?

Sounds and music fall into the same category. The background music is creepy and the zombies sound as expected. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just standard zombie fare. Disperse, please, there is nothing notable to see or listen to.


..as you might. While the controls are responsive and if you play handheld the touchscreen controls are available and really useful, I had the cursor vanish on me in some stages. Nothing a restart of the game couldn’t fix, but it is still annoying. Playing handheld is fumbly, because you often have to zoom in or out, so using a TV gives you a better overview of the stages. However, with the bigger screen the deficiencies of the artstyle come into closer view. Choose your poison wisely!


Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is like a vegetarian zombie. It exists, but serves no purpose.


  • It’s fun sending your heroes to their deaths.
  • You can really be creative doing the above.


  • There’s the story to go through and some medals to collect. That’s it.
  • Available on mobile, too. For a third of the price!

The game isn’t bad. However, even if you genuinely need a construction game including zombies, there is no real reason to get it on Switch as you can get it for a third of the price on mobile phones.

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