Burrow Of The Fallen Bear | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Male Doll
  • Publisher: Male Doll
  • Release Date: 12/01/23
  • Price: £17.99 / $19.99
  • Review code provided by Male Doll

Introducing Burrow Of The Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel

Male Doll brings us another visual novel, this time focused on the furry side of life. In this tale, we focus our attention on a young adventure cat named Krile as he finds his way in the world. He will adventure to the Burrow Of The Fallen Bear and meet some of the furs he looks up to, the members of The Furry Heroes. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a gay, furry, visual novel. You’re here for one reason, so let’s find out if it’s a game worth playing with one hand!

The “Plot”

Krile gets a bandit fox!

The world of Furland Kingdom is ripe with adventure and Krile, a young cat burglar, wants to be in the middle of it. And sure, along the way, if he can be in the middle of anything else, he’ll do his best to get there! In his journey, he’ll meet three very eligible furs – a bear, a wolf, and a winged lion – with which he can share his adventure and their beds. Each one of these furs has its own personality and motivations and as you adventure with them, you’ll get a chance to know each one on a one-to-one basis. What more could a furry want?

I mean, I could easily argue we want a cohesive story and characters who aren’t cardboard cutouts, but this is a visual novel we’re talking about. There is one really weird section where the young cat is questioning his… size. The fox assures him that isn’t what makes you a good or bad lover, but rather how you treat the other person. Great message, right? Only the scene ends with the fox admitting that Kitty has a huge package, so it blows the entire message right out of the water.

Press the Button

To say that there is gameplay in any visual novel is overselling the genre. You push a button to advance the text and in most cases, there is a button or menu setting that can even do that for you. Thankfully there are a few choices along the way here. And with 18 different endings, some of them rather abrupt, there’s plenty of reason to try, try again. The biggest problem comes with why you would want to. Outside of unlocking different expressions for the characters in the gallery, or unlocking the badges of how badly you can end the game, there isn’t a lot to chase. Even for a visual novel, this one left me wanting more. Or anything at all, really. It just sort of lay there not doing much.

Art and Audio

The biggest disappointment with this title was the fact that instead of the well drawn and varied scenes I expect from Male Doll, this one literally uses one still (usually the character’s face) and changes facial expressions to go along with what is happening. So the variety in what you see on screen almost NEVER changes. Add to that the repetitive score and even worse sound effects (they have a Boing noise for when you… finish), and you’re dealing with a game that really fights you to enjoy it even on a superficial level. I even found myself falling asleep while playing it, and I wish I was making that up.

Beneath the Burrow

The game is stable and runs fine on the Switch. You have a choice of static or 2D animated characters, and I didn’t see any difference in performance either way. There are very few loading screens and even fewer places where the game could crash. I wished the game had been as stable or as interesting as the technical side of things. At least then it would have felt less like I was wasting my time. The issues here are not with the game’s ability to run on the Switch.


As silly as some of them can be, I actually enjoy Male Doll’s games. But this felt like a misstep. For whatever reason, this game is lackluster from start to finish and nothing like some of their other offerings. Sure there are 18 different endings, but you would have to be an actual masochist to want to sit through this game that many times. Even the art is bad when compared to other Male Doll titles. And if you know anything about Furry Art, there is no reason this should have been this bad. But from art to story, to really bizarre sound effects, this game is a raging dumpster fire. And it actually pains me to say that!


  • It runs well…


  • Pretty much everything else.

If you really need a furry visual novel, they are out there. This, however, is not one I can see anyone choosing to pay for and play. There’s just nothing here that is enjoyable.

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