Capcom Showcase | E3 2021

Hype responsibility. This is the mantra that has been circulating on the internet in the past few months, more so in the past few days. With fewer and fewer E3 press conferences left, it is beginning to appear that many of the companies didn’t have quite a bit to show off. Capcom prematurely released a schedule of what they planned on showing. In a strange turn of events, they did not disappoint as that schedule was kept to a T. Let’s dive into the Capcom Showcase!

Resident Evil Village

Starting off the show was a montage of Resident Evil Village footage and then a personal thank you from the series producer. It also seemed like a push for RE: Verse, the multiplayer game that is included with Village. Lastly, it was announced that DLC is in production for Village, but no date or any details were given.

Monster Hunters Stories 2

A nice long look was given for Capcom’s newest spin-off RPG in the Monster Hunter franchise. The trailer showed a good bit of story and piqued my interest in this game quite well. It was also announced that a demo would release on June 25th that allows for save data to be transferred over to the full game. Title updates were also announced with Monster Hunter Rise’s Palamute being added as one of the games Monsters. Monster Hunter Stories 2 releases July 9th on the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise

Additional updates were shows for Monster Hunter Rise, with collaborations with Stories 2, cross save bonuses, and another title update. It’s a good time to be a Monster Hunter fan. If Rise is anything like previous titles, more content will be on the way. The next update releases June 24th.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

For the long-awaited Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, we are given a deep dive into some of the games new systems. The Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination allow the player to get deeper into the world of Ace Attorney. Along with some gameplay, we are also shown a decent number of other bits of game, including story bits and character introductions. Fans won’t have to wait long as The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles releases on July 29th for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

Esports Update

Lastly, we are given an update on esports and tournament details for Street Fighter 5 and it is the lowest of low points for the show. Unless you are a die hard for tournaments and competitive play, there was nothing else there. No release date for Oro, Akira, or any sign of the last DLC character. Thus ends the Capcom showcase and they kept to their schedule. You can’t fault them, but as a normal human, I can be upset because we didn’t get that “one more thing”.