[CTRL ALT Delete] Controllers, Alters and deleters…

Welcome to CTRL ALT Delete, the newest inimitable Nintendad feature. Here, we’ll be looking to narrow down the somewhat over saturated accessories market by choosing three similar products, and assigning them one of three statuses – CTRL, ALT or Delete.

CTRL represent the best product in the category, the one that shines brightest above all of the competition and offer you, the player, the greatest level of control.

ALT offers a great alternative and is in it’s own right a solid option. It might not have all the bells and whistles of CTRL, but perhaps its a more affordable option, or easier to find, more readily available.

Delete speaks for itself. If you can avoid a product assigned Delete, do so. In fact, make sure you also empty the recycle bin.

Where to begin such a feature? Given the wide array of products and accessories available, it’s kind of hard to decide, but given my love of wordplay, paired with the name of the feature there could only ever be one place. Of course, that will be with controllers. So, without further ado let’s get into it.

CTRL – The Pro Controller

Let’s not beat around the bush for even a singular second here. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is so nearly perfect. Its form factor, in the opinion of this humble hack, surpasses even that of the Xbox 360 in terms of ergonomics. With full gyro controls, NFC for reading amiibo and HD rumble, the Pro Controller seemingly has everything, right? Well, no! The lack of a headphone jack stops the Pro Controller from hitting the dizzying heights of the upper echelons of controller opulence. The D-Pad is a little bit meh too. Aside from these tiny niggles, it really is a truly wonderful controller. Everything from the weight to the finish just screams luxury!

While it’s a little more on the pricey side and the Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate editions are rarer than hen’s teeth, even in bog-standard black, it’s a quite lovely thing indeed.

Honourable mentionSN30 Pro+ Controller from 8BitDo

Alt – Enhanced Wireless Controller from PowerA

PowerA has been meticulously tinkering with their own Pro Controller alternative for some time now. The most recent iteration appears to have perfected the formula and provides not just a budget offering but a highly commendable one too. The Enhanced Wireless Controller comes in around 47,391 design options and offers mappable buttons on the rear of the controller. While the older editions require 2x AA batteries, the latest model comes with a built-in battery. It even charges via USB-C too. Along with the newfound energy source, comes a sense of weight that balances the feel of the controller to perfection. It’s also worth noting that the provided USB-C charging cable is of a very admirable length, meaning you can comfortably play whilst plugged in, should that be your preference.

The Enhanced Wireless Controller is also far cheaper than the Pro Controller, with a very agreeable £39.99 price point. While HD rumble (or even rumble of the standard definition) is missing, it does offer full gyroscopic movement. In my humble opinion, motion controls ROCK so this is a very good thing indeed. As an avid amiibo collector, not having the option to tap the little fellows on my controller and receive in-game trinkets was a little sad, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. One day.

All in all, the Enhanced Wireless controller is an excellent option as an alternative to the Pro. Paired with the reasonable price point, makes it something that you should seriously consider adding to your collection. The latest models even more so.

Honourable mention – The Afterglow Wireless from PDP

Delete –

If we’re being perfectly honest, the inaugural iteration of the Joy-Con is far from perfect. Whether it’s dreaded drift, the lack of a D-pad or the constant disconnections, they have more flaws than a multi-story car park. The Joy-Con grip is cumbersome at best and should be resigned to the depths of your metaphorical bins.

While it’s fine as a backup option for when you’re (pre-pandemic) entertaining friends, there is no version of the timeline where this should be your primary controller. Don’t forget, the Joy-Con grip that comes bundled with every Nintendo Switch doesn’t even allow you the luxury of charging it as it is. If you want that option, you’re going to have to cough up £25, at least for the official offering. That brings the price to a mind-boggling £95 for chargeable Joy-Con with grip. Extortionate. The best thing about this controller is that you can make it look like a very good boy!

Honourable mention: The slew of sub £20 options on Amazon