Cursed to Golf | PAX West 2021

Introducing: Cursed to Golf at PAX West

Though I didn’t have an appointment, I was able to swing by Thunderful’s booth, one of my favorite publishers. There I had the opportunity to chat with Kinsey Burke, producer at Chuhailabs. She and I talked about Chuhailab’s and Thunderful’s upcoming roguelike. Or as she puts it, golf-like. Thunderful is no stranger when it comes to paving the way with unique games. Cursed to Golf is just that. A unique take on a long standing genre. Here’s what I found out.

Hole in One

Blending a sports golfing game with roguelike rules, Cursed to Golf looks like a hole in one. It’s a difficult game that some have referred to as the Dark Souls of golf. Each run gives you a set amount of strokes in order to complete the course. Instead of a top-down view or over the shoulder vantage point common with other golf games, Cursed to Golf looks like a 2D platformer or sidescroller. Similar to hit points in other games, if you run out of strokes before reaching the end, it’s game over!

Though your counter goes down with each swing, there are idols around levels which give you extra strokes if you can manage to hit them. Other powerups exist for your benefit of making it to the end. Since the courses are laid out in metroidvania style, these power ups will be crucial to solving certain maps. The courses themselves are not procedurally generated. Each one is custom created but there’s a large pool of levels to keep you on your toes. When you start a game, you don’t know which one will be your first, second or subsequent hole.

A Single Set of Clubs

As of right now, Cursed to Golf is set to be a single player experience coming out on Steam/PC and Nintendo Switch. That’s not to say you couldn’t play with friends. From what I saw of the demo, it looks like the perfect pass and play (or hot seat) game. Even watching someone attempt the course was exciting. Cursed to Golf is planned to release early 2022, which is quickly creeping up on us. Cursed to Golf is definitely on par to be a hit. Follow the link above to wishlist it on Steam.