[Review] Evergate – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Stone Lantern Games LLC
  • Publisher: PQube
  • Price: £16.99 / $19.99 
  • Release Date: 18/08/2020
  • Review code provided by PQube

Introducing Evergate Switch Review

Evergate is a charming and whimsical puzzle platformer that pushes the boundaries of traditional gameplay by introducing a unique mechanic called the Soulflame. Use the crystals to slow down time, use elemental powers and manipulate the environment around you to reach the exit. A cute, graceful spirit named Ki is trying to get back to earth but is abruptly stopped by the evergate, a mysterious connection with an unknown spirit is keeping Ki in the afterlife. Unlock the memories and piece the missing links together to set her free. Jump, fly and traverse through 85 magical and vibrant levels to find out the truth.

Evergate is crammed full of content and plenty of unlockables to keep you busy long after the main campaign is finished. Collect essence to unlock new abilities or artifacts as they are called to help you pass through the gate and find new ways to reach the levels exit. There are 3 pieces of essence per level to gather, each one requires you to complete a specific objective, from beating the level in a certain amount of time or collecting a set amount of pieces. Some of the essences can be trickier to obtain than others and some may need certain artifacts.

Storm The Gates

Visually Evergate is aesthetically beautiful, the lighting and floating spores add depth to the level making the forefront stand out. With the whole level being on the screen it gives you the advantage to plan your every move and perfect the sequences to help you beat it. There are 7 stages per gate and 10 gates in total, each gate introduces a new mechanic. Use wind to float to the next platform, fire to break ice walls, or open portals to create a space so you can hang without falling. As the game progresses and gets more difficult you will need to use your wits and combine moves. When completing a level there is a slick animation of Ki passing through the gate and along a path to the next level. Rather than using a black screen with the word loading flashing on the screen Stone Lantern Games have done a great job of keeping the gameplay seemless.

The sound track is also a standout feature in Evergate, plug in those headphones and get lost in an orchestrated masterpiece. Experience locations around the world with authentic sounds, visit China with the soothing sounds of panpipes and the strings from a guzheng or travel to England during WW2 with the crashing sounds of symbols and the huge thud of the kettledrum as it crescendo’s to a busy chaotic composition creating tension and a sense of honour.

Reach For The Sky

The only gripe I had with my time playing Evergate was the controls, although simple to grasp there were plenty of times I ended up in a button bashing frenzy whilst trying to press the target button, moving the analog stick to aim and then pressing the action button all at the same time on multiple crystals and ending up falling to your demise. It was fine when aiming for one crystal at a time but later on in the game when you need to pull off combos it can take time to perfect your moves.


Evergate is a well polished puzzle platformer with an impressive amount of content for the price. The main game boasts 85 levels with plenty of replay value even after you have finished the story. Collect essence to unlock abilities/ artifacts to aid you or open up new ways to reach the exit gates keeping gameplay fresh and engaging. Visually Evergate is stunning, Stone Lantern Games have done an amazing job at encapsulating regions of the world with their simple but elegant animations. The real gem is the soundtrack perfectly complementing the story and environment. Controls are solid but can leave you flustered in places as you try to pull off multiple combos. Overall I enjoyed my time in the afterlife and will return to collect the rest of the essence I left behind.


  • Visually stunning
  • Unique game play with introduction of the soul flame mechanic
  • Great soundtrack
  • Crammed full of content


  • Controls can leave you feeling flustered.
  • When the game starts it asks you to reconnect the Joycons

On the surface Evergate is a great puzzle platformer that offers endless hours of gameplay and is rich in content. Behind the raucous fun is a gripping story with an impressive soundtrack.

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