[Feature] PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controllers and Protective Case


Key Features

Enhanced Wireless Controller
  • Price: Controller $49.99
  • Wireless controller with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology
  • Motion controls and mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • Ergonomic video game controller with standard button layout
  • LEDs for player number, button mapping, and low battery warning
  • Wireless gaming controller with an internal rechargeable battery: Up to 30 hours per charge
  • Includes 10ft (3m) USB-C charge cable
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International
  • Two-year limited warranty
Protection Case:
  • Price: Protective Case $24.99
  • Sturdy outer shell with rubberized handle and durable dual zipper pulls
  • Officially licensed gaming case for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Molded interior with felt lining plus zippered mesh storage fits either system
  • Built-in padded screen-protector flap includes game storage for six game cards
  • Nintendo Switch carrying case with two-year limited warranty

Introducing a New Wave of PowerA

It’s always a nice day when an unexpected package shows up on your doorstep. Even better when you discover PowerA has sent some goodies to test and examine. I was pleasantly surprised the other day when this happened. I’ve had the opportunity to review several controllers from PowerA but I was taken aback by the impressive accessories nonetheless. Everything about their new controller line exuded improvement from the intuitive display box to the magical shine of the gorgeous new designs. I was eager to open the boxes and better my game.


The packaging alone is a work of art. The box is simply designed with important information at a glance on the front and details on the back. A magnetic flap masks the product which opens to reveal the beautiful controller within. The whole presentation wowed me compared to the traditional approach of their past controllers.

As for the products themselves, they are radiant with shining gold paint and gorgeous designs. The Legend of Zelda controller really jumped out at me, and not just because Link is leaping. The combination of the gold sheen and offset green blends well. The added shield emblazoned on the side is a nice touch.

The Pikachu controller takes a simpler approach but it’s no less spectacular. The gold looks splattered, giving it an artistic vibe with Pikachu signed on the handle. Both controllers look good and are a clear step above in design over the former Enhanced Wireless Controller line.


Once again, PowerA delivers a competent contender to Nintendo’s own Pro Controller. I immediately noticed a difference in weight when I lifted the first box. There was more heft to it. When I pulled the controller from the box, something heavy fell to the side. A wrapped up charging cable was included. At 10 feet long, it’s a beast. The cable added considerable weight to the box. The controller itself seems to weigh more than the last Enhanced Wireless controller I received, though not by much. But having a rechargeable controller with a sufficient charging cable is a huge step in the direction of the Pro Controllers.

The Link Gold and Pikachu Black/Gold controllers handle well and play smoothly. The only issue I ran into during my playtests was the A button temporarily got stuck in the depressed position. Other than that the controllers worked well with both my docked Switch and Switch Lite. Both were easy to pair and didn’t cause issues while using them simultaneously.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of my favorite features of the PowerA Enhanced Wireless controllers are the additional buttons underneath which can be paired to a combination of buttons. This makes some games a little easier to manage. They also boast 30 hours of gaming when fully charged. I can attest to the longevity of each charge and other than testing purposes, have yet to charge them.

It would be prudent to point out, that even with the updates and slick paint jobs, there are still a few things that place the Pro Controllers on a higher pedestal. The Enhanced Wireless controllers lack HD rumble functionality as well as IR or NFC. So you won’t be able to use your amiibo with them. These things aren’t huge detractors for me as I seldom use them anyway but it could be a deciding factor for someone who’s shopping around.

Just In Case

As an added bonus, I also received the Pikachu Black/Gold Nintendo Switch travel case which matches the Pikachu controller. The case comes in the standard sizing of the majority Switch cases on the market. I noticed however, that it also claimed to be compatible with the Switch Lite. I was skeptical until I saw their simple yet ingenious solution. There’s an added foam insert to make your Switch Lite fit like a glove without having any wiggle. I was impressed. It’s nothing fancy but as an owner of the original Switch and the Lite, it’s a great case to have on hand. I was able to use it multiple times with both of my handheld devices. Further adding to its exterior attractiveness is an accented gold zipper with black tabs. The interior features Pikuchu with an edgy street art mosaic.

In addition to keeping your Switch safe, there are six game card slots and two micro sd card slots on a flap. A zippered compartment at the top can hold other accessories like your charger and earbuds. The core case itself didn’t reinvent the wheel but the added foam sizer for the Switch Lite gives it extra life.

Final Wrap

PowerA has a solid lineup as they gear up for the Holiday season. The new controllers are as impressive as they are beautiful. The case gives added value with such a simple solution making it ideal for anyone who owns both Nintendo Switch models. Making the move to rechargeable controllers is perhaps my favorite update to the Enhanced Wireless brand and makes these controllers even more tempting over the Pro models from Nintendo. And at a fraction of the price, the missing features like HD rumble and NFC are hardly a problem.