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  • Developer: Epic games
  • Publisher: Epic Games
  • Release: 16/3/2021
  • Free to Play: UK Store / US Store

Introducing: Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 6 – Nintendo Switch Impressions

There’s never been a better time to be a battle-royale fan for Switch players. Hot off the heels of the launch of Apex Legends last week, the newest season of Fortnite has also gone live, bringing a bunch of fun changes that really change up the way the game plays. We spent some time with the Fortnite season 6, aptly named Primal and came away impressed!

What’s new in Fortnite Season 6?

The new season starts with a brilliant cinematic, whereby almost every universe which has ever been represented in Fortnite makes an appearance at some point, as an epic battle plays out in front of the Zero Point, the ominous orb in the sky which has been a big presence in the last few seasons.

There are some real blink and you’ll miss them moments, but I counted Kratos, Master Chief, Ryu, Ripley, Lara Croft and many more. It’s really cool to see how Epic games have embraced some of the coolest characters of the 80s, 90s and Noughties to appeal to the hearts (and wallets) of a big swathe of gamers.

After the opening cut scene you’re treated to a really gorgeous looking single player segment, where you fight alongside Agent Jones as he seals the Zero point once and for all. In doing so the world enters a ‘Primal’ state, hence the name of the season. This means weapons are reduced to much more primitive versions of their former selves and familiar areas take on a new look, with bones and spikes making up the structures of many of the structures in the new areas.

Primal Power

As part of the Primal theme, weapons are reduced to primitive ‘makeshift’ models. The makeshift weapons are strapped together with bits of tape and recovered materials and have a focus on power over accuracy. Gone are the days of finding a SCAR in a treasure chest, instead you need to scavenge resources such as animal bones or vehicle parts to upgrade weapons via a new crafting system. This sees you hunting down animals for their bones (and meat to act as health refills) as well as breaking down old vehicles in an attempt to upgrade your gear.

Some of the upgrade trees even allow you to get back some old favourites, with a choice between developing weapons down the primal path via bones, or into the more refined modern versions which previously populated the game.

This change makes the early game interesting, as you hunt players down with bows and weapons that might as well be a blunderbuss. In these early days it also leads to a lot of cannon fodder, as some players don’t quite seem to have cottoned on to the need to craft to get decent gear. Old timers will enjoy the usual harvest of fresh meat that every new season in a live game brings!

A Lara New Content!

Fortnite Season 6

Season 6 introduces a lot of fun new changes, from the weapons and crafting system, to the new focus on scavenging parts and hunting animals. It feels like a real shake-up of the formula in season 5 and reminds me a little of the Epic’s old Gears of War games. The weapon designs and the feel of them remind me of some of the Locust weapons in their makeshift designs and their brutal firepower.

The new battle pass includes some familiar (and in my case not so familiar) faces, including multiple Lara Croft skins and some Neymar Jr (the Paris Saint-Germain player) content, the latter of which is currently marked as secret. It also includes Raven from Teen Titans (I had to look it up!) as well as the usual slew of bespoke skins relating to Fortnite’s overarching lore.

There doesn’t seem to be the big aspirational level 100 unlockable this season, in the same vein as Baby Yoda, which will be either disappointing or a relief depending on how players approached the last battle pass.

Final Thoughts

All in, season 6 offers a slew of new content, much of which is available to those who don’t invest in the battle pass. Those that do will find a range of fun new quests on top of the bevvy of cosmetics.

The changes to the weapons make the game feel significantly different, potentially to the extent that some may miss the more refined precision offered by the usual armory of years gone by. Thankfully many of the old favourites can be earned via the crafting system, adding an extra layer of satisfaction when you build your old reliable shooter.

In typical Fortnite style, it seems likely that Epic will build on the new features as the season progresses, with some rumblings of the introduction of Dinosaurs.

Fortnite Season 6 is definitely worth your time, and best of all, it needn’t cost you a penny!

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