Gal*Gun Double Peace | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Inti Creates
  • Publisher: PQube
  • Release Date: 17/03/2022
  • Price: £34.99 / $39.99
  • Review code provided by PQube
  • Version reviewed: 1.0.0

Introducing: Gal*Gun Double Peace Switch Review

Complete! Finally complete! With the release of Gal*Gun Double Peace, all three titles of the infamous/notorious/delightful/misogynist/juvenilely funny series are available on Switch. (Pick and mix the adjectives yourself. Very few other series seem to divide players into clearly cut camps without any disinterested middle ground.) Just in case you have no idea what all of this is about, Gal*Gun Double Peace is, like the other games of the franchise, a rail-shooter where your targets aren’t monsters or enemy soldiers but more or less scantily clad anime girls and ladies whose advances you have to repel by using a pheromone shooter to put them into a state of ecstasy. If you have a problem with this bawdy premise and its actual realisation in obvious imagery, this game is not for you and you can stop reading now. To all others: Let me lewd you along!

Your name is Houdai Kudoki and you’re a second year student at Sakuraki Academy. One day a Cupid-in-training messes up and turns you into the most attractive boy on campus. All female students and teachers suddenly want to confess to you. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, not quite as the only girl you are attracted to did not fall under the Cupid’s spell. So, make sure to defend yourself against all confessions and make the girl of your dreams fall for you. You have a single day only, as after 24 hours all of your attractiveness will vanish taking away your chance of being loved by anyone for the rest of your life. Go big or go broke!

Who am I? And what do all these girls want from me? Help!

Gal*Gun Double Peace begins with a personality question where you have to decide on the role you have at school. These roles range from bookworm over jock, fashionista, to pervert for your first playthrough. Further personalities will be unlocked after completing the game once with a good or better ending. Your personality determines your attribute distribution of Intelligence, Athleticism, Style, and Lewdness giving you a head start in case your personality matches the one of the girl you’re aiming for.

Gameplay consists of two distinct phases. First, there are visual novel like parts where you have conversations with the girl you admire. You will need to pick the correct conversation choices to make her fall for you. Depending on your role and attributes, not all choices might be available. Second, there are action stages where you move through the school building shooting pheromones at advancing girls to make them pass out in ecstasy. This is where Gal*Gun Double Peace excels. The controls are good, and defending yourself against wave after wave of girls feels strangely satisfying. Give them ecstasy by hitting them with several normal shots, or use a charged shot and spread the pheromones on more than one girl. Target a girl’s weak spot (either one of head, chest, hips, or legs) to instantly defeat her and stop her advances. Finally, use Doki-Doki mode to create a euphoria bomb. Make sure to eliminate all threats, because you take damage when a girl manages to confess to you. Take too much damage and you fail the stage: Game over!

These rail-shooter parts can turn pretty hectic, but are incredibly well done! You have to keep on your toes to defend yourself against girls coming onto you from all directions. To spice up the gameplay, there are also sequences where you have to focus on precision in order to help your chosen one, e.g. blast miniature demons off her without harming her by mistake. Needless to say that these stages overflow with lewdness, as is tradition for games of the Gal*Gun franchise, but your struggles are not limited to that. There are boss fights as well, where you have to rescue your girl out of the clutches of a demon’s familiar, for example.


Visual novel and action sections alternate up to the grand finale after which you’ll find out if you managed to convince your dream girl of your undying love. If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry. Simply start a new game and either adjust your personality, choose a new target, or take special care in the visual novel and action stages.
Without spoiling too much, there are more than six different targets for your love, with different endings for each, so there is a lot of story to experience.

After unlocking the stages in story mode, you can replay them in score attack mode. This mode is all the action, no visual novel. You can use it to aim for high scores and collect the various lost items or the students’ handbooks you have missed while playing the story mode. Finding those handbooks will let you gain deeper insights into all of the girls at the Academy. After purchasing a modification for your scope, available together with HP power ups and more at the school’s shop, you can even take the girls’ measurements to complete their student roster entries.
Still not enough for you? Then perhaps you want to dress up the main girls in the dressing room or have a look at your collection? These are, honestly, the parts of the game that I spent the least time in. I’m not really one for playing dress up or gazing at trophies et al.

I lewd what I see!

Here is a screenshot of Gal*Gun Double Peace. Sharp text box, but mushy character and environment.

Like all the games in the Gal*Gun franchise, Double Peace has an anime aesthetic. It looks good and lets you focus on all the important details you’re supposed to focus upon in the game. What is strange, though, is the fact that while the colours of the text and text boxes are solid and sharp, the environments and characters have a pastel feel to it. This is no problem during the action sections, but distracts the eyes during the visual novel ones. I didn’t remember similar visuals from other titles in the franchise, so I booted up Gal*Gun Returns. Just like I thought, the characters and environments there do not have that pastel mushiness to them. It’s a shame that that Double Peace does not follow in its predecessor’s visual footsteps.

Double Peace features a well-done, but rather cliche Japanese voice acting. There is nice music present as well, but let us be honest, you’re not going to play this game expecting a full orchestra score, so putting the emphasis on visuals and gameplay is obviously the correct choice.

Squeaky clean

Here is a screenshot from Gal*Gun Returns. The character and environment are distinctively sharper.

Gal*Gun Double Peace is a polished release. I haven’t encountered any bugs but only some errors within the text. The single real annoyance is the length of time between triggering the boss-key and the game going into hiding. But perhaps it is only meant as an inside joke and not for real-life use.


Gal*Gun Double Peace is, like the other Gal*Gun games, an entertaining game. The mechanics are solid, the stories are varied, if clichéd, but there is a lot of fun to be had. There is a tonne of content and a high replayability in case you want to get to the true endings of every one of your love interests.


  • There is a Hide-the-game-because-my-wife-entered-the-room button…
  • Good rail-shooter gameplay.
  • Light-hearted and ridiculous stories.
  • Ridiculous over the top lewdness (if that’s your thing).


  • … but the game reacts so slowly that you shouldn’t rely on it. Trust me on this one!
  • Graphics are a bit mushy compared to other entries of the franchise.

While Gal*Gun Double Peace is a good game in itself, the visual imperfections are confusing. It still earns a recommendation if lewd rail-shooters are your thing, because it simply is so much fun to play.