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  • Drown’s patented technology activates all three of your body’s audio processing mechanisms, transforming sounds from just noise, into a sound experience.
  • Hear what’s going on above, below, behind, in-front and to the side of you. Know exactly what’s around you in those crucial moments.
  • Immerse yourself in your favourite games and experience them in a way which you never have done before.
  • Unrivalled levels of comfort thanks to a variety of 6 sizes to comfortably fit numerous sizes of ears. No more headphone hair!
  • Soft and durable  in-ear fittings made from a hygienic, non-stick silicone material.

Drowning in my own sense of awe

Here at Nintendad, we love an innovative product almost as much as we love video games. We’ve promoted a few over the last year, and when Drown Audio invited us for a meet and greet and offered us the chance to try their innovative new product, we jumped at the chance.

Anyone who knows me will be well aware that I’m not often at a loss for words, however that’s exactly how I felt having experienced the patented tech inside the Drown Audio Buds. The demo started with me being shown how to correctly insert the buds into my recently washed ears. A little twist motion and they felt snug and comfy, whilst also being utterly consuming. The foam nature of the buds created a complete seal of my ear cavity, ensuring noise was isolated.

After the buds were in, a video of Battlefield V was shown and the results were phenomenal. Every little movement was picked up, from footsteps in the sand to gun cocks and grenade pins being pulled. What really struck me though was the level of immersion. I genuinely forgot that I was in a massive conference with hundreds of thousands of people and instead found myself releasing a sigh of relief as a bullet flew by me, almost scraping my shoulder. The level of detail, as I heard the bullets flight trajectory was quite unsettling and really made me, albeit fleetingly, fear for my safety.

The demo ended with a rocket launcher bombarding enemy tanks and again, the sound was disconcerting but also incredibly incredibly encapsulating.

Once the violence of modern warfare had been experienced, I needed to unwind somewhat, so I took out my Nintendo Switch, booted up 2017’s GOTY; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and headed to a wild location. Before I had so much as spied any wildlife I could hear birds flapping in the distance. As I panned the camera around 180 degrees, a gaggle of geese flew into view. I spent a solid seven minutes in Hyrule using Drown Audio and experienced multiple moments like this.

My time with Drown Audio was eye opening. Words can’t adequately do this product justice. Check it out at the following link and if you enjoy being engulfed in your game worlds, back this product today.

Drown Audio Indiegogo campaign

Full Press Release

Scottish-based audio hardware company, Drown, have announced that their tactile gaming earphones have launched via Indiegogo.

Their introductory model, designed especially for gamers, makes the most of Drown’s patented technology, activating all three of your brain’s audio pathways. Drown transforms ordinary sounds into the most realistic, immersive audio experience ever.

Whether it’s streaming, competing online, or playing your favourite games to relax – Drown will elevate your experience, even with titles you’ve played hundreds of times.

It is so life-like gamers everywhere keep telling us Drown makes them feel like they are actually there, in their favourite games.

Drown Founder Mark O’Callaghan

With Drown, know where sound is coming from with pinpoint accuracy, for unparalleled immersion into your favourite titles. You’ll hear everything in those tense, critical gaming moments, but that’s not all. Appreciate the small but impactful nuances that aren’t amplified in standard audio, like flies buzzing around tall grass in Red Dead Redemption 2. Drown tactile earphones are truly game-changing.

“From the moment I put the prototype earphones into my ears, I knew this was a remarkable product and was very excited to get involved.”

Drown CEO David Law

With the Indiegogo campaign, Drown hopes to raise funding for tooling and mass production. We will begin production as soon as the funding goal is met and the first Drown earphones will be shipping early 2020.

Use the following link to back this project:

Drown Audio Indiegogo campaign

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