Genesis Noir | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Feral Cat Den
  • Publisher: Fellow Traveller
  • Release Date: 26/03/2021
  • Price: £13.49 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Fellow Traveller

 Introduction: Genesis Noir Review

How far would you go to save the love of your life? We take a look in our review of Genesis Noir. In Genesis Noir, the main character will literally stop the Big Bang to save his love. Genesis Noir is an adventure game, with some rather unique puzzles and effects. When I first saw this game I wanted to play it because the art style just grabbed me. This game sure is a rare experience so let’s dive into it.

Love and the Big Bang

You play as a guy madly in love with a famous singer in The Constant, a space outside of the dimensions that humans can see, called Miss Mass. She is shot at by a rival musician with a bullet containing the Big Bang itself. The lover boy travels through different periods of the Big Bang, such as the initial explosion all the way to the end of the universe. Your goal is to collect special pieces in each location and construct a device capable of stopping the Big Bang and saving Miss Mass’ life.

Point and Click and the Joystick

Genesis Noir Review

Genesis Noir is a point-and-click adventure game ported to the Switch. While that can work, I felt that this was not done well. The cursor moved at a weird pace, and adjusting the speed in the settings didn’t help the problem that well. There was a clock puzzle that just felt like it was mapped to the joystick poorly and would jump several spots with one touch. Some parts of the game required precise cursor movements and it simply didn’t work out in some of the chapters. What was weird was that these issues were not across the board. Some chapters just worked better with the cursor while others seemed to struggle with where it should be.

Let’s Talk Puzzles

Puzzles in Genesis Noir are sort of all over the place in difficulty. There are puzzles as simple as putting broken items back together. Then you have a chapter that is just messing with a bunch of dials and sliders, though at least this one had good guidance. A lot of the puzzles in this game don’t have any clues to how to complete them, or at least they don’t have obvious clues. I felt like a lot of them just amounted to sliding the cursor over something until I found what I could interact with. Which is a shame because the opening puzzle in the game, with a clock face that turns into a rotary phone, was so unique.

The Art Style and Music of The Constant and Space

The art in this game was probably the most impressive thing about the whole experience. There were just some good animations and designed worlds in Genesis Noir. I enjoyed the multiple fractured showing of the flash backs through the game. The one chapter has you going through a cityscape, and I loved the comic book style layout of traversing. The art style is simply the best part of this game and is worth experiencing alone.

The musical selection of Genesis Noir was phenomenal. It has a mixture of strong jazz music, a few smooth tones for space areas, and even some vocal music. Though the music in the final chapter was pretty jarring to the rest of the games soundtrack. I am not quite sure why they made that choice, but you will have to see if you like the choice for yourself.

Art Can’t Save the Pace

Genesis Noir BDG review

While the art style was gripping, it couldn’t save the game itself. Games are more than good art or music. This game struggles with telling a compelling narrative. It certainly tries too, but none of it has dialogue until the final chapter of the game. You just find items with little bits of background information. 

The chapter lengths are all over the place. Some of them require only one of two puzzles. While others require you to solve six or more puzzles to complete. This doesn’t even account for the length of the final chapter which feels like it takes most of the game. It is certainly longer than most of the chapters combined in their length. I personally felt like some of the chapters were just put in to pad the play time of the game. They did not really seem to contribute to the main story nor provide next to any back story.

The Port Bugs

During my review I noticed Genesis Noir ported over with a lot of issues. As previously mentioned, there were moments the cursor just didn’t seem to work. I couldn’t exit puzzles that I should have been able to. There was a fence made out of yellow light rays that I got stuck on without the tool to get out of it. The first time the game failed to load. I had to restart the final chapter three different times. The second time, solving a puzzle caused the game to crash. And the third time one of the final chapter puzzles just didn’t load right and I couldn’t move on. I feel this game could be fine if they fix the bugs plaguing the final chapter in particular, but as it stands it is just a frustrating experience.

Edge of All Time

Genesis Noir review recap

Genesis Noir is a stylish point-and-click adventure game. It will have you solving a lot of puzzles, though often with little guidance. The music would make a great soundtrack by itself, though I would personally leave out the final chapter track. The art style was just fantastic, but sadly that cannot hold up a game on its own. The various bugs were jarring and put a damper on the overall review of Genesis Noir.


  • Short playtime, can be finished in one sitting (roughly 4 hours)
  • Beautiful art and music


  • Pacing is too slow, lots of padding
  • Riddled with port bugs making it difficult to complete without several restarts 
  • Some puzzles need more guidance 
  • Cursor issues with reacting properly


Genesis Noir will have you travelling through space and time to save your love. If the bugs don’t make you give up first that is.

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