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  • Developer: OverPowered Team
  • Publisher: Freedom Games
  • Release Date: 15/04/2021
  • Price: £11.29 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Freedom Games

Introduction: Godstrike Review

Godstrike is a fast-paced bullet hell shooter. I was excited to do this review because I absolutely love bullet hell games. The fast-paced game play tied to the genre, as well as the unique narratives usually contained in them always get me invested. So why wait any longer? Let’s start dodging bullets and taking down bosses in this Godstrike review.

Saving Her Homeland

The overarching story of Godstrike is that a being created the world in which we live. Then it spread its power into masks that were sent to find hosts for their power. Well, as these tales go one of the masks becomes power hungry and starts fighting heralds of other masks. The people of the mainland turn around and seal the evil herald away in a temple. An evil fog starts to spread throughout the land as the people are tricked into fighting the very herald they sealed away. The story of this game focuses on a young lady who leaves the island she lives on when the evil mist reaches it to try and find a way to stop it. She encounters a forgotten mask and tasks herself with defeating the evil herald.

Bullet Hell Bliss

As I said before, Godstrike is a pure bullet hell. You will be tasked with dodging bullets, and in one fight charging skulls, to shoot down various heralds. This game doesn’t even start you off lightly, as even the tutorial boss on the standard difficulty is rough. As with most games in the genre, Godstrike expects you to die, and it expects that a lot. In order to beat some of the bosses in this game you will need tight control and a lot of patience. Though the game will offer you a decrease in difficulty if you die often, and unlike in Ghosts ‘N Goblins Resurrection, it is not the default choice. So it doesn’t come off as mocking as more of an option to you if you struggle. Now I don’t want you thinking that the game is only going to give you movement and a shot in a standard twin stick shooter.

Time is Life and Abilities

One piece of marketing for Godstrike stuck out to me since I first saw the original announcement trailer. Instead of either a one-hit to die or a traditional health system this game uses your own time as your life. Want to bring some new active abilities with you to the fight? Take a chunk out of your max time. Mess up and get hit by something, another chunk of your timer gone. Since all bosses are multiple stage fights you really do need to keep as much time as you can. In fact, with most of my play time with Godstrike I found that I never picked an active ability except for dashing. 

I don’t want to say all of that to deter you from playing around with different active and passive skill builds. Though I still don’t understand why passive skills don’t cost any time. Once the timer reaches zero the fight doesn’t simply end. You enter last-hit mode where the next hit will kill you. Now I have a big gripe with one of the bosses regarding time. It is a centipede styled boss that will waste whole minutes of your time while it runs through the map. I am not sure that fight was really designed with the core time mechanic in mind. It essentially makes it almost certain you will enter last-hit mode before you even see the second phase of this boss. Though the couple minute timers for battles does make this a good game to a short pick up and play session.

Graphics with a Dash of Music

Godstrike has a rather light and slightly cartoonish art style. Though I am not going to say the game really stood out for this. Since the game is basically travel to the hub, pick load out, and then go to the next arena. You don’t get too much time to admire the scenery unless you want to get hit. It also didn’t seem to stick out against art wise when compared to a lot of other games in the same genre. Now, I wanted to write a whole section on the soundtrack for the game. Those familiar with my reviews know I am a sucker for a good soundtrack. But sadly I heard more of the bullet sound effects over the sound track because the music dims down during battle. I personally feel like the soundtrack should help the player get immersed in the game and unfortunately Godstrike falls flat on this note.

Last-Hit Thought

My time with this Godstrike review was overall a pleasant one. I enjoyed the fast-paced bullet hell type game play and got exactly what I hoped for going into the game. The time mechanic was interesting and unique and made me deeply consider some of my builds. Though it is a shame that the music just wasn’t there and there was no time to enjoy the art style.


  • Fast-paced game play
  • Interesting “Time as Life” mechanic 


  • Some bosses felt designed to waste your time
  • Might as well of not had any soundtrack
  • Art style doesn’t really stand out


Godstrike will try all of your patience until you finally beat that boss. Just be mindful of your time.

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