Gunslingers & Zombies| Review | Nintendo Switch

Developer: Live Motion Games
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Release Date: 15/09/2022
Price: £8.09 / $8.99

Review Copy Provided By Ultimate Games

Introducing: Gunslingers & Zombies Review

No matter how many times we shoot them in the head, zombie games never stay dead for long. This time we’re taking the role of a small band of gunslingers who have found themselves in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. With turn-based combat, you must help your survivors and use every advantage to overcome ever mounting dangers of the walking dead. With several other turn-based survival games on the market, how does this little game stack up to some of the giants? Let’s dig it up and find out!

The Bare Bones

The story of Gunslingers & Zombies is actually metered out over the course of a few levels and introduces you to each member of your team in turn. You’ll fight your way through hordes of zombies in an attempt to stem the flood from completely destroying the world. It’s ever-mounting odds as they get more plentiful and hungrier! It really is up to you to help this rag-tag band of gunslingers survive and live just one more turn.

Digging Up The Rest

If you’ve ever played Xcom, then you know how this goes. Each member of your team has two actions: You can move, attack, heal, etc, with each taking up one of your precious action points. The real challenge comes from your ammo reserves always seemingly on the verge of running out and in most cases, the dead never stop coming.

It’s a game where you have to focus on the actual goals of each level or fall victim to hunger. The combat is tricky, but fair. Once you get the rhythm of the game, it becomes a little less tedious. If you’re looking for a bite-sized tactical game that won’t go easy on you, you could do worse.

An Afront To The Senses

For everything the game does right with gameplay, they seemed to take a misstep with the visuals. The simplistic style is fine, but the color palette leaves a lot to be desired. With only a few dots of green, the levels are pretty dominated by brown. The hills, the buildings, it’s all just… brown. The characters are also a little tricky to tell apart when in handheld mode, but you can tell who is who by reading the on-screen info. But as a visual indicator, they, much like the world around you, just sort of blend together.

The music doesn’t do much either, but at least it fits the game and doesn’t distract. The sounds are all decently done with each zombie moan and shot fired sounding nice and crisp. If only the landscape popped as much as the sounds did!

And I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside

The game runs very smoothly on the Switch and really shouldn’t cause a problem. It’s not a demanding game, but even so, I did not encounter any bugs or lag. It was honestly a joy to experience since it seems these days so many games launch in poor states.

The game can feel a little slow when the zombies take their turn, as each one gets his due and it takes focus away from the player. The game doesn’t suffer from being blown up to the full screen on your TV either, it’s still a nice-looking game even if the colors are bland.


It’s a crowded marketplace to launch a tactics game these days, with Weird West and Xcom 2 still fresh in everyone’s mind. But this little game does a decent enough job at what it sets out to do, it’s worthy of taking a look at. It’s not going to be a game you rush through and for a quick, lunchtime round of tactical combat, you really can’t miss. And the price is right, which is always a plus!


  • Decent tactical combat on a budget
  • Challenging levels


  • Everything is brown

I am almost sure there is a dedeicated fan base for this game out there, they just need to discover the game. For a budget tactics game, it does what it sets out to do.

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