Happy Birthday, Mar10!

It’s Mario’s birthday! Well, not really, but we do tend to treat March 10th like it is, don’t we? That’s why we here at Big Daddy Gaming have decided to compile some of our shared Mario memories in celebration! Be sure to share yours with us too!

A New Aquisition

My favourite Mario memory has to be getting Super Mario RPG for my 11th birthday. It was the first RPG I had ever sunk my teeth into and, thanks to the wild and original story, I have become a fan for life!

Derek Wright

My favorite Mario memories. Playing Paper Mario for the first time, the art style was so charming and the story fairly compelling to a young me. Also, playing the Mario sports games, mainly every version of Kart, Golf, and Tennis they released, with my friends. I also lover most of the older Mario Party games with the ones on the GameCube being my favorite.
Though I would have to say my favorite memories were playing these same game I grew up with with my nieces and nephews. It was an absolute joy to share some of my favorite childhood games with the next generation of my family. My biggest hope for the series is that the series continues so that my nieces and nephews get that same opportunity.

Greg Renner

Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii was the first time I was able to really sink my teeth into a Mario game.  The movement and motion controls felt so polished and satisfying, the varying gravity gave my spatial reasoning a good exercise, and the music was truly special.  Galaxy was a first step for my interest in this hobby and it’s still in my top 5 favorite games of all time.

Kevin Keesee

Early Memories

My earliest memory is also a Mario one, watching my family friends playing Super Mario Bros on the NES, which quickly turned into watching my mother play (my dad is still a huge technophobe) but as I grew up, Mario grew with me.
Fast forward to the N64 years and he was the reason I refused to have a PlayStation, and yet still my mum could be found at 2am challenging her husband to games of Super Mario All Stars.
Now, Mario is literally as old as I am and I’m passing the  love to my daughter. Who forces me to do three things every time I load up Mario Odyssey – get the dinosaur, have a waterfall shower and then make mario go trough the painting. She is making her own levels with Mario Maker and one day she will make one that I can’t do. I honestly can’t wait


The Gateway to Gaming

Mario has always been an experience I’ve shared. My parents separated when I was but a tumbling toddler and at the age of four, I returned from spending the summer holidays in the South of France with my father, acutely aware that nothing back home would compare to the ethereal experience I had just lived in Provencal paradise. My mother must have been thinking the same as when I returned to our home, a large square box awaited me. Inside was an NES with Super Mario Bros. 3 and the rest, as they say, is history. My story.

As the parent now, I’ve used the year I’ve spent at home, here on Prison Island, introducing my soon-to-be four-year-old to the joys of everyone’s favourite portly plumber. But it’s not Mario, nor Yoshi, Peach or Toad that she really loves, but Bowser. Because of this, we’ve completed Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World (a title that proved to be my significantly better halves own gateway into gaming) and Bowser’s Fury, with every passing level completed the inevitable question arising: Can we see Bowser yet?

Kieran Fifield

I’ve got many fond memories of Mario games, from picking up Super Mario World not long after it’s release using my birthday money, to unexpectedly stumbling across an in-store display with an N64 and Mario 64.
My most recent, and powerful, experience has been the joy of showing my 2 year old son Super Mario 3D world, or as he calls it “run around Mario”. His only other point of reference is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so he naturally needed to differentiate between the two.
I’ve been having a magical time seeing him discover the characters and worlds that I grew up loving. It can be a little difficult working through levels with my tiny wingman when he doesn’t quite understand how to jump, but seeing the joy on his face as he “shlup’s” through a pipe or hearing his laughs as I bop a Goomba has made me realise I’ve got a whole world of fun ahead as I introduce him to Mario, Link and many more characters
Super Mario 3D World has taken on a new meaning for me on Switch as I gained a new-found appreciation for the multiplayer focus and the simpler, more condensed approach to level design.


The Road to Completion

For me, it was what Super Mario 3D world’s release has done to my apartment. My roommate plays some games here or there, but she’s not deep into gaming. Yet, when I offered her some Mario 3D world on launch day, we ended up diving into the game together with a deep fervor.

Now, we’ve collected every star, gold flag, and stamp except for those that come with the final world. We’re still working on champion’s road and playing all the levels with each character in little one hour chunks per night. I never expected this game to turn us into such completionists.

Mel Curtis

One of my favorite moments in all of Mario history would have to revolve around Mario 64 DS. I can already hear you Mario 64 purists mumbling under your breath on how it’s not the good version of the game, but this isn’t about that. This is about having the fullness of Mario 64 on a car trip from Central Utah to Northwest Oregon. It’s a trip we took nearly every year to go and see grandparents and visit some familiar places, but this year I finally had my classic DS and I was going to try something new: With a 100% charged battery, I was going to see how many stars I could get before the system died in my hands. It was a race to see how my skills matched up with an actual physical deadline. Could I get all 120 stars in  the game before that red flashing light finally gave way to darkness? Sadly, I made it to 84 stars before the poor little thing finally turned off, but it was a thrill to race as fast as I could. To this day, I still love Mario 64 DS with all of it’s additions and weird ideas.

Kevin Orme

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