Infinite Adventures | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Stormseeker Games
  • Publisher: Stormseeker Games
  • Release Date: 22/04/2021
  • Price: £11.49 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Stormseeker Games

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Introducing: Infinite Adventures Review

If you’ve followed Big Daddy Gaming for a while or have read several of my past reviews, you’ll know it’s no secret that first-person dungeon crawler RPGs are my favorite. When I saw Infinite Adventures coming out, I jumped at the chance to review it. This quickly became one of my top games for 2021 and sucked up much of my free time. And as much as I’d hate to spoil my review of Infinite Adventures, if you’re a fan of this genre, go buy it now! Of course if you’d like some more insight, by all means, enjoy the rest of what I have to say.

A Daring Rescue

Infinite Adventures has a compelling story with a few surprises layered within. Though the protagonist is completely customizable, they take center stage as the Traveler. The Traveler was found unconscious in the labyrinthian maze below the Town Giamata. Some five years later the Traveler finally awakens with no memory. You learn you have been cared for under the watchful eye of Lord Lucius Giamata. Furthermore, Lord Lucius has established an adventuring guild in preparation of the Traveler’s return. Hoping to learn more about the complex labyrinth, the Traveler soon puts together a band of like minded explorers and gets to work.

It was easy for me to become attached to the characters of my own design, but the NPCs in Infinite Adventures are just as likable. You meet other adventurers and towns folk with varied personalities and desires. It also helped that each character is fully voice acted and at a high level of quality. When I stepped foot into the maze below Giamata, I wasn’t too hung up on whether there was a decent story or not. I just wanted to explore and strengthen my team. The deeper I went however, the more hooked I became to the plot and mysteries surrounding the Traveler’s clouded past.

The Crown Prince’s Will

Infinite Adventures is a first-person dungeon crawler. This RPG is turn based with deep customization. The leveling system is quite engaging, with a flexible skill tree to make a lot of unique characters. Not to mention there are five races and ten different classes to choose from. Exploration is made easy with an auto map which can be hidden away if you fancy yourself a cartographer and have some graph paper handy.

One thing I loved about Infinite Adventures is how intuitive it is. You don’t have to roll and re-roll for the character you want. Customizing is in depth and simple right from the start. Choosing to make your character a Noble gives a bonus to stat points where a commoner gains additional skill points. Assigning them a trade or origin such as blacksmith or chef also determines starting bonuses. You can spend hours just in the character creation menu. It’s fantastic. If you’d rather just get straight to business, there are some stock characters readily available.

Head of the Snake

Combat is smooth with a lot of skills and spells at your disposal. The standard RPG mechanics are present but there are a few new elements. The buffs and debuffs carry more weight and some have unique effects. For example, getting wounded will prevent any healing until the wound is cured. There is also an ability called Kessens. You build up points over battles which allow you to use kessens. These are special attacks, summons or defensive maneuvers and typically execute at the start of any round once you opt to use one. Additionally, you can execute a free kessen move by surprising an enemy or using a magical element they are weak against. This is chance based and not guaranteed, but kessens can turn the tide of difficult battles. And there are plenty of difficult battles to be found in the winding maze. 

Speaking of the maze. Infinite Adventures is full of well designed labyrinths. There are hidden rooms aplenty and a lot of loot to search for. Later levels have trap floors and tiles you’ll want to avoid. Of course I have that bug in the back of my brain that requires that I step on every single grid to complete the map, fire tiles or otherwise. Each stage has a puzzle room but none that were too hard to slow down progress. Fairly early in the game you’ll unlock a portal which allows your team to visit randomly generated dungeons. This makes grinding a little more fun, as you aren’t traversing old areas. It’s also a great way to train up a new party. Since you can face previous bosses you also have a chance to get rare items you may have missed on the normal run through.

A Gesture of Affection

The art style and music combine to add a pleasurable harmony and enhances the gaming experience in Infinite Adventures. Aside from the incredible score, the voice acting is top notch. The animesque look to the characters and monsters make them pop against the dreary backgrounds. There’s a lot of dungeon and monster variety. Even the same monsters had different shading which made them feel unique during individual battles. The playable character portraits are gorgeously created and boast nearly 200 options, though they are limited to certain races and classes.

From a technical standpoint, there were a handful of glitches and bugs. However, during my review time with Infinite Adventures, those issues were ironed out. It’s possible the wrong build was launched and a patch quickly followed. Since all of the issues I ran into were resolved, I won’t detail them here. Once they were fixed, the game ran well. I loved playing in handheld mode but it was also pleasant to watch on the big screen. Either way you like to play, you’ll find Infinite Adventures is well suited to the Nintendo Switch, right down to the easy control scheme.

Final Wrap

If I haven’t sold you on Infinite Adventures yet, let me just say I haven’t had this much fun with a first-person dungeon crawler in a long time. They all follow a similar formula but Infinite Adventures simplifies a lot of the mechanics and adds an exciting combat system with deeply customizable characters. The story hooked me early on and I eagerly set out on an adventure day after day. There can be some tough battles but it requires very little grind. Infinite Adventures is a great entry title if you haven’t played this style and will certainly please returning fans. For the price and amount of content, it’s hands down a must buy game.


  • Excellent Character Customization
  • Enticing Dungeons which Beg you to come back
  • Fantastic Story and Characters
  • One of the Best Leveling and Combat Systems


  • Early Technical Issues which have since been Resolved


Infinite Adventures is a robust first-person dungeon crawler that every RPG enthusiast should own.

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