Kill It With Fire | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Casey Donnelian Games LLC
  • Publisher: tinyBuild games
  • Release Date: 12/03/2021
  • Price: £15.49 / $19.99
  • Review code provided by tinyBuild Games

Video Review

Introducing the Kill It With Fire Switch Review

While some video games will fight hard to blur the line between reality and video games, others strive to keep a cartoony look and feel.  It was clear during our review of Kill It With Fire, what style it was. It is of the second variety where the shading, the modeling, the movements, and the gameplay are meant to feel as cartoony as possible.  Even while this game has you hunt and kill spiders with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, and frying pans. Nothing can prepare you for the very real sensation of screaming when one of the Jumping Spiders hops at you.  No matter how cartoony the game, that will ALWAYS terrify me.


Man, There’s a Lot of ’em!

Kill It With Fire doesn’t really have a story, per se, that I can glean from the gameplay.  You progress from area to area, hunting spiders and completing the quests assigned to you by glowing pieces of paper you find strewn about.  As far as I can tell, you are an exterminator of sorts, and you kill the only thing that exists that isn’t you: spiders.  Possibly to exact some kind of revenge after they consumed every other living thing. Or to become some sort of king among them. The most logical reason I can think of for progressing place to place, without pay, without people there, without the equipment you need until you find it onsite is: that it’s really fun!

Squish ‘em However You Like!


At it’s core, Kill It With Fire is a game about hunting, injuring, and killing spiders.  Of course, you can use your trusty clipboard to put them out of their misery. Or you can use the many, many, MANY other methods of Spider Splattering! Anything from a frying pan to a weed whacker, there is no shortage of tools to kill ‘em with fire…and other things.

In addition to ways of killing spiders, there are also means of helping you hunt the arachnids as well.  One of the more useful tools, specifically because it slows down time and makes timed challenges a little easier, is the Energy Drink. You can use multiple energy drinks to slow down time a little further after each can.  Specifically for the Timed challenges called Arachno-Gauntlets, this is an incredibly helpful item. This in conjunction with the tracker, activated by pressing ZL, you just may never fail any of the Arachno-Gauntlets in each level. You can upgrade yourself and your tracker by finding the batteries and presents scattered around each level. These offer you even FURTHER ways to customize your perfect Spider Exterminating Outfit.

What may end up being my favorite, and most effective method of Arachnid Eradication is anything involving fire.  Molotov cocktails, hairspray plus a match, flamethrower, anything employing fire. You see, one contact with fire will kill a spider, it’ll take a little while which doesn’t make it effective for Arachno-Gauntlets, one touch of fire is enough to kill spiders slowly.  After they’re on fire, they’ll run around a bit, acting as candles with legs that will set other spiders they touch aflame. Incredibly effective, even if it is slow.

Final Thoughts

Well, this is disgusting.

Kill It With Fire would have been a much better game if it had kept the arcade style spider squish ‘em up that almost every level was. Just collecting items to kill spiders with, then just killing more spiders. Instead, without veering too far into spoiler territory, there seems to have been some sort of subtle storyline you were meant to be aware of as the final moments of the game play out. But, because there is no other living creature besides you and spiders, and no fashion of delivering information besides these papers that give you objectives, you’re left in the dark when context is concerned. Reasons behind why everything is so empty, why spiders are the only other creatures that exist, and why the ending happened the way it did, would have been nice.

On a final note: our review found Kill It With Fire is a pretty broken game. But those cracks in its foundation add to the hilarity as you’re going through the game. Watching objects ricochet around rooms as if they’re made of rubber just because it interacted too hard with another item is hilarious. Watching a pizza sink through a table, into the floor, had me laughing so hard I was tearing up. The janky physics engine is a plus in this game because this game would not have been nearly as fun if every object reacted exactly how it was supposed to, if every box wasn’t made of rubber, if every shard of glass didn’t fly off screen every time the player grabs something sitting just behind it. That pizza thing still gets me every time.


  • Lots of ways to kill spiders
  • Very fun gameplay even if it takes a bit of getting used to
  • Arachno-Gauntlets are fun
  • Physics engine/hit detection add to how funny this game is


  • Those jumping spiders
  • The jumping spiders again (very scary)
  • Story never really mattered
  • Empty world devoid of context


Kill It With Fire is a fun experience even if it is a little short and lacking in explanations for why the game’s world is so empty.

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