Legendary Controllers from Game Armor | News

Legen… wait for it – and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the next part of that word is da(i)ry…

Fresh out the frying pan of his impressive Smash Bros. Ultimate controller collection, Alex Blake (Cptn Alex) is back in the fire with a new set of totally unofficial Pro Controller shells that seem inspired by a Legendary franchise that is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary. Not content with simply making a new product, he’s also launching a new company, Game Armor. To mark the occasion, four themed Pro Controller shells are launching on Indiegogo. Check them out here.

Zealots everywhere languidly detest awesomeness, but even the most hardened of internet armchair analysts will be envious of you and your friends, should you back the project. I could sit here all day waxing lyrical about how god these look (stay tuned for a more in-depth breakdown of the shells in the coming week), but instead, let’s all ogle at some HD pics!


Truimph forks

With the campaign now live, and hopefully already well on its way to being funded, Game Armor has set some stretch goals. Not even important media types such as myself are privy to what lies within the four chests but I can already hear the music as each and every one of them is opened…

It’s also important to remember that these aren’t fully functional Pro Controllers being created, just the shells. You’ll have to install them yourself. It seems pretty simple to do, as shown in this official promo video. Stay tuned to our own social channels to see how I get on installing the shells myself.

Legendary Controllers from Game Armor is now live on Indiegogo and runs for 30 days. Let’s all unite and help bring a hugely talented artist’s work to life. Back the project here.