[Review] Let’s Sing 2021 – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer:  Voxler SAS
  • Publisher: Koch Media
  • Release Date: 13/11/2020
  • Price: £32.98 / $39.99
  • Review code provided by Koch Media

Introducing Let’s Sing 2021 Switch Review

For a few years in the mid to late 2000’s, music games were THE party games. Guitar Hero and Rock Band were larger than life. I know I had spent several hundred dollars between multiple plastic instruments. Thankfully, this trend has diminished, but music games are still plentiful. Let’s Sing 2021 is less band and more karaoke, but is it fun to belt out the tunes?

Do YOU Ever Feel Like A Misfit?

Let’s Sing 2021 is an interesting game as I was expecting something more akin to the Guitar Hero’s or Rock Band’s of the day. Sing a song, hit notes, keep a multiplier and call it a day. It is a tried and true formula but it wasn’t kept up here. Yes, playing in Classic mode is an option, but it is not the main attraction.

Legend mode is meat and potatoes for single player here. Choose an avatar from a small cast of four and set out for stardom. As you level up, more characters become available, but they are just re-skins of previous characters in different and crazier outfits. I digress. Legend mode puts you singing against the other characters, but not in a traditional sense.

Small challenges are presented, such as starting a song in the middle, and keeping your combo up, or you fail. How about singing correct notes in unison with the computer? Or trying to defuse a bomb while singing? These were not the activities I had in mind when booting up this title. I continued onward though, cursing the game as it would keep throwing me into a song, half-way over, or even stop me from singing a song mid-note and penalize me for it!

Hold Back The River

Thankfully, the Classic mode plays better, or more, as I wanted. You have a song and you aim for a high score which give you medals. Aiming for a high score is the name of the game here, and it works just fine. The need for a microphone is alleviated with the use of a smartphone and the Let’s Sing app. If you happen to have a USB mic lying around, you can use it as well.

There are other modes which involve the challenge tasks found in Legend mode, such as Mixtape which involves singing a plethora of different chunks of songs. I found this to be fun when playing in multiplayer, but not when you are just playing against the computer. That is how I felt about most of the other modes as well. “Feat” lets you sing a duet with the computer or another player. It felt very odd doing a duet with a computer player, knowing they “can” hit every note, but you don’t actually hear them sing. It’s confusing for sure.

Another complaint I have with this game is the lack of difficulty options. I am not the most talented singer, but I do enjoy singing. In other titles, I was able to make it as easy or challenging as I wanted. Sadly, in this game, it was not an option.

Thunder! Lighting! Thunder!

With this being a music game, I was expecting to know more of the songs and enjoy singing along. I don’t often listen to current pop songs, but I know a lot. Obviously, I was very wrong. I did not know over half the songs on the playlist and when I needed to sing along with them, it was not fun. Sure, Linkin Park and Genesis made the game more fun, but the odd ‘Yummy-Yummy’ in the mix just makes it “ugh”-worthy.

The design for the game was very clean. Menus felt easy to navigate and were bright and colorful. The character designs were bright and bubbly, but the animations could feel clunky. One character’s muscles would pop out of their shirt, not like you can see the definition of their tone, but patches of skin would magically seep through. It usually would happen during a victory dance and my avatar’s shoulder’s would have splashes of skin appear.

Final Thoughts

Let’s Sing 2021 was a completely different game than I was expecting. It wasn’t bad when it was actually being a karaoke game or a party game with friends. It doesn’t fly as high when it is trying to be a single player game, which is sad. It has some interesting ideas to shake up the genre, but some of them fell flat or just felt tedious and unfun. This one should be left to consumers who love the track list only, and if you do, let me know because it’s unique.


  • Diverse Track List
  • Classic Mode


  • Legend Mode
  • Starting Songs Mid-Track
  • Some Frustrating Songs

Let’s Sing 2021 tries to reinvent the wheel, but it doesn’t gather enough speed to carry it’s own weight.

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