Mighty Fight Federation| Review | PlayStation 5

  • Developer: Komi Games Inc
  • Publisher: Forthright Entertainment, LLC
  • Release Date: 24/02/2021
  • Price: $29.99 / £19.99
  • Review code provided by Forthright Entertainment, LLC

Introducing Mighty Fight Federation PS5 Review

Arena fighting games exist in an odd microcosm. Many do not consider them to be true fighting games; those same individuals say the same about Smash Brothers, which is similar as a party game. Regardless of how they are perceived, they must sell well, as there are countless arena fighters released every year. This brings me to Mighty Fight Federation, an arena fighter that wants to legitimize the genre into a more fundamental-based fighter and not a pure button masher.

Hype Over 9000!

Mighty Fight Federation features an oddball cast of 13 characters, with more to come as DLC later. Each combatant has their own hopes and desires for the fight, but they didn’t come of their own will. Hyperion, the hype god, brought them together for a tournament called the Mighty Fight Federation! Whoever shall win and beat Hyperion in combat will get whatever they desire. The setup is reminiscent of Twister Metal and Calypso’s promise of granting wishes.

The characters feature 11 original fighters and 2 guest fighters. The MFF originals have quite a bit of flair and personality, with Heckbane being a personal favorite as his story pokes fun of “bro” and YouTube culture. The guest fighters feel very off the wall with Toe Jam & Earl and Yooka & Laylee showing up. Their additions make this feel like an odd smash style game, but they also don’t feel extremely out of place.

Back to Basics

Mighty Fight Federation is an arena fighter down to a T, with it’s simplistic special moves which require mostly single button inputs. Where this game stands out is in what it removes. There is no block button in this game. You can roll, dodge and break. Breaking works like a combo breaker in Killer Instinct, but it is attached to an energy bar. You can store two breaks at a time, which can be used anytime a competitor is attacking you. This bar fills up when you attack an enemy or take hits. Also in your arsenal is a red counter, which much be used in the first few frames of the hit landing, and it doesn’t use your bar. This takes a bit more practice, but it feels very satisfying when pulled off.

Matches in Mighty Fight can be 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, 1v3 or free for all! When playing in the arcade mode, you will experience most of these before your final face-off with Hyperion. The arcade mode features voiced character cutscenes when you start and also upon completion. You also have rival matches which feature back and forths between the characters which add more world building to the fledgling fighter. Aside from arcade mode, there is practice, versus, mission and online mode. Sadly, at the time of writing I was unable to test out online as I was unable to find a match. Playing versus in offline mode satiated the need for the moment, and I am hopeful the online community will blossom for this title.

The action in MFF can be quite chaotic with its arena setting, but I found it to be more structured than most of its competition. Yes, it can still feel like I should be button mashing as the computer does impossible things, but these moments are few and far between. The vast majority of my playtime was spent learning the timing, combos and match ups for how to better myself. Hopefully, this title will have some legs with its DLC and the community will grow.

Mighty Sight and Sound Federation

The music was what originally drew me to Mighty Fight, as it was pumping with some great retro inspired tunes. Fans of Sonic Mania will be happy to hear Tee Lopes has been making new sounds for this game. Billy Strikefist’s track in particular was amazing, and it’s been stuck in my ears since I first heard it.

The overall style and design of the game took a bit more time to appreciate since it was extremely bright and colorful like a mascot platformer. It is oddly fitting since Yooka & Laylee are present and they are those types of characters. I did end up appreciating the art of this game for what it is, a chaotic slice of a semi-crossover arena fighter.

Final Thoughts

Mighty Fight Federation does plenty of things right in the arena fighter genre. Removing the block button in favor of more fast-paced, dodge and counter based system felt truly invigorating. For someone who is in love with fighting games, seeing new additions or developers take steps into an unexplored venture gives me excitement. MFF isn’t perfect, but it sure is a lot of fun. So much so, be sure you bring along a socially distanced mate and prepare for a romp!


  • Soundtrack just slaps
  • Interesting battle system
  • Local Multiplayer is a blast


  • Relatively small roster
  • No online community at the moment

Mighty Fight Federation may be one of the best arena fighters I have ever experienced, and with more DLC expected, it could be fleshed out into a true masterpiece.

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