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Introducing: Mighty Goose Review

What do you get when you add an arm cannon that can shoot blasts of energy, a shot gun, a missile launcher, a machine gun, a Tesla Cannon, several vehicles meant for blowing things up, and one confused bird that screams?  You get Mighty Goose!  Don the armor, grab your blaster, and buckle up because the Goose is loose and he’s going to blow up a lot of stuff to get to where he’s going.  Race against time, get a big combo, and try not to die as you aim for the best rank in each mission during this explosive adventure!


This is my BOOM stick, this is my bird! This one makes room, this one’s absurd!

Mighty Goose doesn’t have a story.  There is no plot to follow, and no real explanation for the title character’s mindless slaughter of several alien races, a group of necromancers, and some big space baddie.  Each level has an overarching objective to complete such as ‘rescue this character’ or ‘survive this tournament’ which will branch off as you go through the level.  You also have this character in your ear who will stop you every once in a while to check in.  There really is no thread to follow from beginning to end, just explosions, shooting things, calling in supply crates with ammo, and more explosions

-Goose Scream-

*Constant Screaming*

Mighty Goose is runnin’ gunnin’ fun.  There are a lot of explosions and a lot of ways to create those explosions:

First: Your Partner.  You can pick from a variety of partners that you unlock throughout the game.  These helpful animals will offer you a variety of abilities from close range slicing attacks, to shooting explosive eggs from their bums.  If you have a friend, or younger brother, you can hand them a controller and have some Co-operative fun as Player 2 takes control of your partner character!

Second: Your secondary weapon.  Another helpful tool in your arsenal, more of these will be unlocked as you play through the game.  You’ll get secondary weapons that create fiery pillars near enemies, weapons that throw explosives, and more!  These weapons are rechargeable and their recharge time is available when selecting them, so you can fit them into your strategy!

Third: This energy meter menu.  These are extra enhancements to Mighty Goose that allow you more coins, more ammunition for your found guns, and allow you to charge your Mighty Meter by dodging.  You have a limited amount of Energy that doesn’t increase as you play the game, which means you’ll have to really think about which abilities you pick. 

Fourth: Insta-Ammo!  When you pause your game, a mechanical arm is shown holding a phone with several apps.  From here, you can activate Co-op, change in game options, quit the level, and ORDER AMMUNITION!  That’s right, if you’re running low on shotgun shells, or Tesla Shots, simply open up the app, pay the required amount, and press A.  Your order will show up in the midst of battle or in the desert.  You can also order the Wheelie Vehicle if you so choose!

Finally: Your MIGHTY METER!  This sucker charges as you shoot enemies and rack up your combo during missions.  When it fills enough, press ZL and ZR together to go SUPER SAIYAN GOD, I mean, MIGHTY GOOSE!  The caboose kickin’ goose will get a red aura, the music will change, and your weapons become incredibly powerful!  This power up eventually fades, but you can make it last by getting more kills, and racking up an even larger combo.  You also become invincible during this time, making it a great finisher for boss battles.

Final Thoughts

So nice, gotta blow ’em up twice!

Mighty Goose has one advantage over most games this reviewer has played recently: it’s short.  Within 4-5 hours, you will have completed the campaign mode, and possibly even found some of the secrets hidden throughout.  It’s a nice, fine, short, easily replayable game with co-op, explosions, and a screaming bird creature as the main character.  It may be a visual mess at times, but overall it was a fine experience and one that will definitely fill that goose-in-a-mech-suit shaped hole I know everyone has.


  • Short, 5 hours at most
  • Developer seeks to update game to fix visibility issues
  • Explosions
  • Co-op with invincible partner
  • Collectible Partners
  • Autonomous Ultra Instinct
  • Explosions again


  • Hard to see enemy bullets in intense battles
  • Enemies can walk on lava/surfaces the player cannot
  • Campaign Clear Reward is underwhelming
  • Coins don’t carry over between levels


Mighty Goose goes boom in the best way, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and is ripe for replaying over and over!

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