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Checking out the Miitopia demo

With our last Nintendo Direct, Nintendo dropped that they would be releasing a new and updated version of Miitopia for the Switch and it certainly surprised most of us. Sure, there hasn’t been a HUGE demand for this game as compared to things like Silksong or Metroid Prime 4, but I cannot emphasise enough that Miitopia is not a game to sleep on. Nintendo took a pretty simple RPG formula and made it VERY Nintendo. Maybe a Miitopia demo is the perfect way to showcase this eclectic, kooky title.

Here’s the rundown: An Evil Lord steals the faces of the people of the land and creates monsters that are wreaking havoc on the world at large. Your job, with a small group of friends, is to vanquish these monsters, return the faces to the citizens of Miitopia and defeat the Evil Lord. Pretty simple, right? Right! But here’s where it gets fun.

Mii, You, And Everyone We Know.

Miitopia demo

Each character you meet in the game is a Mii, either from your system or from a bevy of choices given from Nintendo’s vast network of Switch consoles. At the beginning of each chapter or town, the game will give you a chance to customize the faces of the people you are going to meet. This lovable kid who is running around town? He’s the Pringles Guy now. The Mayor? He’s Dr. Robotnik. Currently, I am questing alongside internet legend and classic wrestleman, Strong Bad. He’s a warrior in my team while I am a Thief. Eventually, I’ll try to recruit Ramona Flowers as a Chef and probably Mega Man as my mage. You know, keep the team rounded out.

Anyways, customizing your characters in the standard Mii maker that comes with the console is fine and all, but this game has an entirely new and robust system for making your characters look like anything you want. It’s REALLY impressive, to be honest. I spent a huge portion of my time with this demo just playing around with this feature. I will spend a ton more time as I make a slew of other fun characters to join my quest as I also found out that your save data will transfer to the full game.

After you’ve either grabbed some sample Miis from the “popular” tab or spent way too long on the customiser as I did, you begin your adventure. You and your adventuring pals run through new and exciting areas confronting crazier and crazier monsters with faces (or just face parts) as you level up and build friendships and gain strength. It’s fun! The combat is simple but intuitive and the entire premise is ridiculous. I love it.

So Why Re-Buy An Old 3DS game?

Miitopia Demo

A lot of people missed out on Miitopia and that’s a crying shame. It’s silly, it’s funny and it’s just a great time. The demo shows off just about everything you want to do in the game. You get a feel for the story, you get to see that they added freakin’ HORSES (!!!) and you get a feel for the first few amiibo costumes they added into the game. There’s a lot of content here and plenty of fun to be had. Maybe the Mii customising isn’t your thing, but you might like the combat and relationship combos. Maybe you’ll love the story! There is tons here to relish.

All in all, I spent about 4 hours playing the demo between finishing the extensive amount of missions the demo has and making some pretty great-looking Miis, I had a blast. The price tag might be a bit much for people who are hesitant (50 bucks is a lot). For me though, I think this demo sold me. I’ve heard plenty of people talking this game up as just a bunch of silly fun with Nintendo flair and I finally get it. If this demo can’t sell you on Miitopia, I’m not sure anything can.

You can download the Miitopia demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now!

Miitopia launches on May 21st. Pre-orders are available now:

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