[Yesterday’s News Today] More Letdowns Than I Was Prepared For

Well look at that! The first YNT to drop with the new Big Daddy Gaming moniker! How cool is that? So, with the big change from Nintendo-centric news to ALL video game news, we have a lot more to talk about! So let’s get crackin’!

The Goldeneye Remaster We Actually Wanted

This week started off with something that NOBODY saw coming and, more importantly, nobody got to play. Seems that Rare and Microsoft were making a full remaster of the N64’s magnum opus Goldeneye to be released on Xbox Live Arcade, but it never got released for a litany of reasons. Rumors of expensive licensing and enormous layers of red tape caused the game to eventually be shelved and cancelled. Thankfully, the internet continues to be the internet and some fine folks released the game to be playable on PC.

There’s some cool stuff included here including updated textures and better aiming controls coupled with better movement. The game is great as always and is well worth the time to go grab it on the internets.

Wait, People Still Play Battleborn?

Remember Battleborn? No? Well, not a lot of people do as the game came out like the same weekend as Overwatch and Destiny, but the game certainly had a following for a bit. It’s a shame as the game was actually kind of cool for what it was. So, after a troubled release coupled with getting suplexed into obscurity by two of the biggest games of the year it came out and eventually going free to play, Battleborn has finally shuttered its online services. This begs the question: Who was even playing Battleborn to begin with. Better luck next time, 2K.

Wait, When Did You Last Update This?

Man, Nintendo has some jank internet, right? It feels like Nintendo has been in the past for a long time when it comes to technology., but this week we found out something kind of crazy about their whole online workings. Seems that the last time the big N ever updated their Lobby making system was… wait, are we serious? 2001? The Gamecube?! PHANTASY STAR ONLINE?!? Oh jeez, I’m glad to hear that they’re finally updating it after TWENTY YEARS. The update hits some time around Monster Hunter Rise and hopefully should give things a much needed boost, because JEEZ. Honestly Nintendo. What the heck?

Walmart Does It Again?

Remember a few weeks back when Nintendo had Captain Toad and all its DLC for next to nothing? Well, looks like Walmart did it again by making Breath of the wild 39.99 for a bit. The bonus here is that Nintendo is doing a double gold coin thing on the eShop, so you can get more coins than what you paid for AND get a friggin’ great game if you don’t already own it. Win/Win, baby!

Capcom Knows You Belong in Horny Jail

Oh man, if you haven’t already seen the internet over the last few weeks, then you probably know that there’s a GIGANTIC vampire lady who seems to be the apple of the internet’s eye. So, Capcom, being the sneaky little boys they are, took note of this and made a public statement:


NINE FOOT SIX. Lady is almost 10 feet tall. I just… wow. Way to go, Capcom.

The Saddest Cancellation Ever

Many years ago, there was a leak from Netflix that everybody saw and nobody believed. Reports were coming out that Netflix was getting together with Nintendo and they were making a live-action Zelda series and people were understandably skeptical. I mean, no way, right? This was totally fake. I mean, until we all realized it was real this week. Apparently Nintendo immediately shut down all of their progress on creating the show (as well as a few others) as soon as the leak became public, which is a crying shame. One of the other shows in production was a stop motion Star Fox show that was helmed by Adam Conover (of CollegeHumor and Adam Ruins Everything fame) and he stated that Nintendo pulled the plug on the show pretty quickly. Only a few still from the show exist, but this is a travesty. There could have been SEASONS of Zelda at this point, but all we have to look forward to is the Illumination Mario movie next year. Pardon me whilst I go sob about this again.

Mass Effect… Finally

Hey! finally we get a trailer for Mass Effect Legendary edition. I mean, it’s still very much Mass Effect, but it looks a lot better. There are some gripes as there have been some changes with camera angles and gratuitous butt shots, but I mean it’s EA, so did you expect them to not screw this up somehow? Game comes out May 14. Nice.

Oh, Was That Not On Here Yet?

Oh, I could have sworn that Apex Legends was already on the Switch but apparently I was wrong. The massively popular Battle Royale finally hits Switch through the magic powers of Panic Button and the witches and wizards that dwell there. Personally, this seems like something that Nintendo was going to announce in a Direct, so I’m just a little bit frustrated that this game was not accompanied by games I actually cared about. I MEAN…. **cough** Moving on.

I’m Suprised This Took So Long

I’m not one to expect things to fail, but Google really had this one coming. Unfortunately earlier last week it looks like Google shuttered the Stadia game creation studios and folded the employees back into the main company. So, I mean at least they have that going for them. But seriously, who didn’t see this coming? Stadia was certainly a thing that existed at one point. I’m not sure what the future of the service is going forward, but it is what it is.

As If You Expected More From Blizzard

This week, Blizzard-Activision-EX-Chrysler announced that anybody expecting anything awesome in the vein of Overwatch or Diablo then you are set up to be massively disappointed. It’s not like I have come to expect any form of timeliness from Blizzard since, well ever. Sure, it was a really weird thing to announce Overwatch 2, a game that gave fans literally no reason to actually buy the new version of the game, and Diablo 4, a game so early in development that anybody expecting it to release before 2024 is probably joking themselves, but the games will exist eventually. Reports are saying that the fandoms of each respective game are “devastated”, but if you can wait 12 years for a new Diablo, you can wait another 12 for Diablo 4. Wait, do you still not have phones?

And there we go! Another week finished. There was a lot more to talk about now that we’ve broadened our scope and I think I’m ok with that. Here’s to hoping for some big news next week. If not, At least we’re getting Bowser’s Fury soon.