[Yesterday’s News Today] Mostly Animals and Fighting

Man, some STUFF went down this week, right? Gamestop suddenly became SUPER relevant, the entire United States just realized our entire economy is make-believe and then some really neat news happened in the gaming sphere! So let’s dig in, yeah?

Pokken Tag Tournament?

Katsuhiro Harada, the father of the Tekken franchise, has a small, but powerful history with Nintendo. Specifically with a little gem known as Pokken Tournament that released so many years ago (and re-released on the Switch!). Harada is a man of few words, and usually fewer tells into what he is working with, so when the man was asked a question about his Pokemon fighter he directed a few years back a lot of people were surprised when he answered this:

We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon Co., Ltd., and POKKÉN has had a great response, so I would like to make it again. But it’s not what we decide, it’s what they decide.

I don’t know about you, but I would be thrilled to see what magic Harada and the Tekken team could put into a second Pokken game. Seriously, if they went the route of Pokken Tag Tournament I would scream. Gimme.

Heading Back to the Island


Right! Animal Crossing New Horizons is still updating and with it we have our introduction to a new event: Festivale! It’s like Brazil’s Canivale, but for kids and PG rated audiences! With this new event there are free maracas for everyone as well as some new seasonal items to snag, so get on it you ravenous Animal Crossing folks! But what’s that you say? Not enough? WELL DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!

In addition to this new event, Nintendo is re-releasing their Sanrio mashup Amiibo cards for you to get your greasy mitts all over! Scan those bad boys and grab some Hello Kitty themed junk to cram in your house! I mean, how exciting! But wait! What’s that? You want… MORE?!?

Then get excited for the MARIO update in March where some sweet Mario themed stuff will be available for you to grab and then gloat about to your friends! It’ll release in March sometime before the great Mario Erasure Event on the 31st at midnight when we will all collectively forget that Mario or any of his cohorts ever existed. It is the way. All hail the great Mariocalypse.

Rise and Shine, Hunters

If you didn’t know, Monster Hunter as a series in Japan is HUGE. Like, enormously big. People get excited for new Monster Hunter games like XBox kids get excited for a new Halo. Monster Hunter is a headliner out there. So, it’s not entirely shocking that Nintendo and ol’ Capcom decided to collaborate and make one slick looking console and controllers. The design is reminiscent of some of the details on the hunter’s clothing as well as some stylized details from the series itself. Seriously, this thing is beautiful and if I didn’t already have a console that I have customized to high heaven I would grab this as soon as it came out. Console hits shelves on March 26 alongside the game. The console also comes with the Digital Deluxe version of Monster Hunter Rise complete with all DLC. Super cool!

Going Rabbid For Another Game

Out of the blue, Ubisoft’s twitter account for the Rabbids changed from @RabbidsOfficial to @MarioRabbids overnight. Does this mean that we’re getting another entry in the Mario + Rabbids series? I mean, the original and its DLC sequel are some of the biggest surprises in terms of quality that the early Switch got back in the day, so this would be huge if it really happened. If this is the case, and we all hope it is, I only hope that somehow we get a Rayman cameo. Give me that or give me Globox. It’s a win-win.

Raiding Netflix

Netflix has been knocking it out of the park recently and it seems like they are in no mood to stop that as Netflix just announced that they have ordered an animated series of Tomb Raider, which in all honesty sounds like it is the exact right move for a video game series as well as it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty cool.  No clear details on it yet besides the animated aspect, so here’s to hoping it can keep pace with Castlevania (though I doubt it).

We’re Never Getting Bayonetta 3

Remember back when Bayonetta 3 got announced back in *checks my notes* oh lord, 2017? Well who’s excited to WAIT ANOTH’ER ETERNITY for it? If you raised your hand, then you’re in luck as Hideki Kamiya stated today that “You should probably forget about it for the time being”. Now, I get it. This is frustrating, but I take this as a great idea for the potential hype for this game. If the developers are telling us to forget about it then what they want is for the eventual trailers and release to feel more like a “WHOA!” moment rather than a “Oh, finally!” moment. Maybe this is why we aren’t getting any more updates on Metroid Prime 4? I mean… sure. I’ll take that over the fact that they’re still hiring key members of the team and try not to think that Metroid Prime 4 will be a Switch 2 launch title.

Well, there’s another week in the bag! It’s crazy thinking that the next time I write one of these up not only will it be in February, but I’ll be covering EVERYTHING in the gaming world, not just Nintendo! Crazy times, folks. Crazy times. Until next week, friends!