[Nintendad Coffeehouse] Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Four Lites don’t make a right!

All week, we’ve been hosting our latest feature – The Nintendad Coffeehouse Lite – and with it being everyone’s favourite portly plumbers 35th B-Day, we decided to dedicate the week to his 3D exploits. To close the week off nicely, we’ve put all the retrospective pieces in one place, for your viewing pleasure.

We realise you’re all incredibly busy playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but if you fancied reading about some of the team’s memories of the games included (and not included) in the pack, this is the place to be.

In the words of the inimitable Italian – Let’s-a-go!!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. Now back to the Mushroom Kingdom/Isle Delfino or SPACE with you!!

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