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Greetings from Olive Town!

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner, but life out in the sticks has been keeping me busy.

Grandpa’s land was seriously overgrown when I moved in back in Spring, so clearing that up was my top priority. Mayor Victor has been lovely, showing me everything I need to know, and he even gave me some turnip seeds to get started. Now, a few weeks later, I can proudly say that Silver Pine Farm is flourishing! I’ve got a really good rotation of crops, including a few fruit trees, and am turning a pretty profit. 

Of course, a girl can’t live on vegetables alone, so I spend a decent amount of time fishing. There are loads of good fishing spots all over town, so I make sure to spend a few hours in the evenings catching some dinner. I also found and fixed up an old coop that had been kind of destroyed by nature, so little Delilah gives me fresh eggs every morning as long as I keep her happy. 

The people here are great. Everyone is super friendly, and there’s a good selection of stores. People are really generous, too – the carpenter only charged me 2000G and a few logs to build me a nice spacious cabin, which was a steal! I try to say hello to everyone every day, and am getting on well with most of the locals. There still aren’t many tourists, but the Mayor and I have been working on a variety of improvements to draw a few more in. 

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it does get a little lonely on the farm sometimes, so I went and adopted a dog. Her name is Miso; she is the sweetest and most gentle Labrador I’ve ever met. There’s no-one particularly special in my life yet, although I’ve heard a rumour that some new people are on their way. Who knows, my future partner could be here soon! I am becoming good friends with Bridget, which is awesome as we both love animals. It’s nice to have a friend just up the road. 

Olive Town and the surrounding area are beautiful. Everything is so vibrant and cute! There’s so much greenery everywhere you look, it’s such a welcome change from the city. There is loads of wildlife too – I’ve got a family of squirrels on the farm, and the foxes that live up by the ranger hut are really friendly despite being wild. I’m not good at getting photos of them, but I did manage to snap one or two to donate to the museum. 

I’ve got big plans for the farm going forward. I found a barn that needs some repairs, which will need sturdier lumber considering the size of the building, and then a cow so I can get fresh milk every day. I’m also wanting to get a few more processors, such as the mayonnaise and yoghurt machines, and possibly eventually get my own little farm-fresh line going! 

I can’t wait until you can come visit, March 26th I think you said? I remember that the tickets are £44.99 from the UK and $49.99 from the US! I’ll make sure to have plenty of Silver Pine Farm tea and coffee ready so we can have a good catch-up. I’m sure you’ll love it out here – I can’t recommend Olive Town enough! 

Love and hugs, 

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