[Hardware Review] PDP Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Controller

Key features

  • 3.5mm audio jack supports in-game audio and USB-chat, adjust volume on-the-fly using the D-pad on the controller
  • Customise your gameplay with dual programmable paddle-style back buttons
  • Swap out and snap in different Faceoff faceplates with the unique interchangeable design
  • Includes a 10-foot fixed USB cable
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Available now – links towards end of article.

PDP, remember the name!!

Trusting 3rd party products with your precious games console isn’t an easy thing to do. The choice can be overwhelming and the possibility of potentially bricking your product is always there. Thankfully there are companies that create such highly polished products that they get the seal of approval from Nintendo to be Officially Licensed products. Not only does this give the discerning shopper peace of mind, it also allows for some truly creative and imaginative designs.

Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a truly wonderful thing, testament to Nintendo’s penchant for ergonomic gaming controllers. However, it does sport one glaring oversight that has become commonplace in today’s gaming infrastructure – a headphone jack to allow you use of a wired headset wherever you are, essential for any serious online gamer. Enter PDP with the Faceoff Deluxe + Wired controller

From an aesthetic standpoint, the Deluxe + resembles the Switch Pro Controller, with just a few small changes to differentiate it, without making it seem in any way alien.

The home button illuminates when receiving power, which I personally appreciated considering that Nintendo’s own Pro Controller still doesn’t do this, despite featuring a blue LED. 

The biggest core visual design choice is the interchangeable face plates. As the product name suggests; and I assume as an ode to Nicolas Cage at his best, you can quite literally take the ‘Face Off’ of the controller and swap it our it with different fascia plates. While PDP will undoubtedly offer a plethora of colour options, I’m interested to see if the controller customisation community pick up on this and start stamping their own inimitable designs on to proceedings. I for one would be very interested to see what friend of Nintendad CPTN Alex could come up with.

The hardest button to button

The analog sticks are firm, yet snappy and responsive when in use and all the buttons have a satisfying feel when pressed, unlike other 3rd party options which make a plasticky clicking sound. The shoulder buttons are just that – buttons, not triggers. That withstanding, they don’t travel too much so inputs are true and responsive, something that can in fact be said for all the buttons. Due to the wired nature of the products there is no input lag and every button press registers instantly.

Another little treat offered by the Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Controller is the 2 x programmable paddle buttons on the rear of the controller. The positions of these I found to be absolutely perfect as they are where your index fingers are when you reach around. Essentially having an extra button is a somewhat decadent but means you can rest your thumbs once in a while, which I’m all for.

A quite brilliant feature of the PDP is that it can be used for game audio and chat functions even if it’s not your active controller of choice. By being plugged into any one of the USB ports on the Nintendo Switch it acts as a USB audio source, which is exactly what it is. I discovered this during some late night Splatoon 2 as, obviously GYRO controls improve any time spent in Inkopoils exponentially. As I turned on my Pro Controller I noticed that sound was still coming out of my headphones and so continued my play through with sound being pumped directly into my ear holes. I later tested this function with a few rounds of Fortnite and the result was the same. Chatting with my team mates was effortless, which was a wonderful thing.

I say a wonderful thing; I’m awful at Fortnite and as such received a barrage of abuse from the other members of my party. Obviously this is a reflection of the internet community and not the fine folk over at the good ship PDP.

When using the Faceoff Deluxe + Wired controller as an audio source, volume controls are mapped to the D-Pad – press up for greater amplitude and down for less.

Worth it’s weight in gold

Unlike some 3rd party controllers on the market, the Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Controller feels good in your hands. The weight is substantial enough to know your holding a well made piece of equipment, while not be obtrusively heavy.

With 4 colour options at launch – Black, Blue, Red and Purple; all of which have a slick camo design, there is a seemingly something for everyone. I’d also be very surprised if this was the final selection of designs.

With a cost of $24.99, the Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired Controller represents astonishing value and as such, is perfect as a secondary option. And who knows, it might just become your new go to controller in the process!

Pick one up in the UK

Camo Blue
Camo Black
Camo Red
Camo Purple


The Faceoff Deluxe +Wired Controller from PDP is, in every sense of the word, majestic. It offers comfort, practicality and style in equal measure. The USP of the product, the option to plug a headset directly into your controller means that it is a must have gaming accessory for every single gamer who enjoys online on their Nintendo Switch. The fact that, whether intentional or not, it can be used for this purpose even if it’s not actually your active controller, make it even more of a must buy. Aside from the unique features of the Pro Controller; NFC support, HD Rumble and Gyro aiming, which unsurprisingly are all missing, as well as the wireless factor, the Faceoff Deluxe + really does offer everything you could want from a controller, and for the budget price, this is should be on everyone’s shopping list.


  • Perfectly weighted
  • Can be used as an audio source, whilst not being the controller in use
  • Buttons are firm and responsive
  • Stylish design


  • No Gyrometer, NFC or HD rumble
  • Objectively, the wire.

The Faceoff Deluxe + Wired controller offers something that should be standard on every controller, and for the budget price, should be in every discerning gamers arsenal.