[Review] PDP Gaming Little Wireless Switch Controller

  • Manufacturer: PDP Gaming
  • Price: $49.99
  • Review unit provided by: PDP Gaming

Introducing PDP Gaming Little Wireless Switch Controller Review

I don’t know about you, but I mostly play handheld. But then there are times when I switch to tabletop or even play docked. These are the times when a good controller is paramount. Luckily, we have a lot of options: from the Nintendo Switch Pro controller to the various third party offerings. One such third party is PDP Gaming who released the officially licensed Little Wireless Controller just recently.

Size IS important!

All my controllers get pawprint thumbcaps. They’re not included with the controller. You have to get them on your own.

With dimensions of 13.7 x 7.1 x 3.5 centimetres (measured by ruler, so I wouldn’t rule out an error margin of 0.2 millimetres (pun intended), it is significantly smaller than the Nintendo Pro controller. This makes the little guy an ideal companion for travel. It’s small enough to carry around without being a burden. Then simply place your Switch with the kickstand, connect the Little Wireless Controller and have a go at your favourite games. Once you take the controller into your hands, you feel how light it is. It still feels very nice to the touch: sturdy and well-made. A pleasure to hold in your hands, even when it is – as in my case – smaller than your actual hand.

At first I was worried about getting cramps when using the tiny controller. I have this problem with 3rd-party controllers of similar dimensions. Strangely enough, I had no such problems with the Little Wireless Controller. Neither long sessions of Hades nor Shantae gave me cramps. What a wonderful feeling!

Form follows function!

See, I told you: All my controllers have pawprint thumbcaps.

I think I’ve boasted enough about the size of the thing. Let’s turn our attention to the ergonomics. The Little Wireless Controller has the same button and stick layout as the Pro controller. So the left stick is left and above of the D-pad while the right stick is left and below of the X, Y, A and B buttons. The home, screenshot, – and + buttons are in the top centre. The shoulder buttons are naturally on the shoulders with the ZR and ZL buttons formed as triggers. This makes them easily distinguishable from the R and L buttons and gives your fingers a nice groove to rest. All buttons have a satisfying feel when you press them. It’s just that their sound is a bit loud and has a plastic ring to it. If you play hectic games in a quiet environment be aware that this might annoy the people around you. The control sticks are smooth and silent. They also have a firm resistance. I like that!

Inner values laid open!

Let’s have a look at the insides of the beast, shall we? According to PDP Gaming, the rechargeable batteries (USB-C connector, 1m charging cable is included.) last for 40 hours. I haven’t exactly measured it, but I can attest to the fact that the batteries do last a long time. I’ve charged the controller after taking it out of the box and then used it on and off for two weeks. So far, there was no need to recharge. That said, the long battery life comes at a cost: neither rumble nor NFC (Think amiibo!) functionality are present. This is not a big issue to me, as my amiibo are rarely taken off their shelves (Lest the children play with them: Cleaning strawberry jam from one amiibo is enough for a lifetime.) and I turn off rumble in most games anyway. Your mileage may differ, though.


Long story short: The tiny controller packs a huge punch. It’s comfortable in the hands and sturdy enough for the hardest battle. The Little Wireless Controller is a very good alternative to the Pro controller. If you have children, the smaller size and weight is ideal for their hands. On the go, you’ll benefit from this, too, and from the long-lasting battery.


  • Small and lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Can turn on the Switch with the press of a button
  • Same stick layout as the Pro controller


  • Neither rumble nor NFC

If you don’t use amiibo and don’t care for rumble: This controller might be the only one you’ll ever need.