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PDP Gaming Nintendo Switch

PDP Gaming continues to bring bold and brilliant new products to the Nintendo Switch. We’ve rounded up some of the latest products, in one convenient post, bringing a mixture of control and portability options.

Afterglow Wired Deluxe+ Ctrl

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the Afterglow is almost identical in every way to the Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired controller, albeit for one huge aesthetic change. Instead of having interchangeable face plates, the Afterglow has a solid, see through chassis. With a press of a little nub situated by the right analougue stick, it illuminates in the most incandescent manner. Whilst still holding the nub in, you can scroll through the colour options using the D-Pad.

Aside from that, it’s still the same fantastic controller that we praised so highly in our review, with a headphone jack present for all your in-game chat and audio needs. Have a read of our thoughts on the Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired contoller here.

Buy the Afterglow Wired Deluxe+ Ctrl here

Rock Candy

While the Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired Controller, with all it’s bells and whistles, is aimed at the core gamer audience, the Rock Candy range is clearly PDP tapping into the younger demographic. Everything from its striking design, to it’s slightly smaller build point it towards younger children. That’s not to say it’s a bad controller, au cointraire – in fact, it’s a solid if unspectacular option in the exponentially expanding choice of controller option for Nintendo Switch.

While the smaller build offers an ergonomic controller option that lends itself perfectly to smaller hands, it also feels incredibly comfortable for older, more haggard hands like those of this humble hack. However, there is no escaping that this product is aimed predominantly at the more junior audience. The entire unit is featherweight and the buttons are noticeably plasticky, with every press and click distinctly audible. That being said, the button inputs are all accurate and the D-Pad performs adeptly. The buttons are soft to the touch too, aside from the joysticks which have a matte finish, undoubtedly to provide grip.

The cable length is sufficient for even the largest of rooms, offering plenty of slack and wiggle room and the inputs are standard USB, so you could use an extender, should you need an extra foot or so. While there is no HD Rumble, gyro controls or NFC for amiibo communication, the standard button layout is intact, meaning screenshot capture and video recording is readily available. The designs speak for themselves. They’re certainly delectable!!

Pick one up today in one of four fresh flavours!!

Pineapple Pop
Stormin’ Cherry

Play and Charge case

This might just be my new favourite case for my Nintendo Switch. The protection offered is really impressive. The case itself has reinforced edges, providing greater resistance to little bumps and knocks. The molded Joy Con department means that your Joy Con snuggle up nice and securely in your case, and never drift. The third compartment is intended for the official AC adapter but could also house a whole array of accessories. The case also holds a respectable six game cartridges.

As the name probably suggests, this isn’t just a case, but also a nifty little stand for tabletop mode to boot. With three pre-set stand slots, you can play in any position and there is no need to fear about you Nintendo Switch falling as two elastic bands secure the console in place without being overly intrusive to the overall aesthetic. The way in which the case holds the Nintendo Switch also exposes the bottom of the console. This allows charging whilst playing in tabletop mode, remedying one of the Nintendo Switch’s most inherent flaws.

The Play and Charge case really does what it says on the tin, and some. It offers the best of both worlds – practicality and protection, as well as being stylish and reasonably priced as well.

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Elite Commuter Case

The Elite Commuter Case is your one-stop carry case solution. There’s room for a Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con attached (or a Switch Lite), a Pro Controller, an AC adaptor and 15 game carts, as well as an additional set of Joy Con. Admittedly, with both the Switch and Pro Controller present, closing the case was a bit tight and with the minimal amount of padding present in the Elite Commuter Case, I wouldn’t feel particularly comfortable if this was loose in my backpack. However, without being absolutely filled to the brim, it really is a lovely case that offers a wide assortment of options for taking your Switch, along with a plethora of peripherals, on the go.

The Limited Edition Pikachu model is particularly slick, offering a graffiti print of everybody’s favourite cartoon mouse, and yellow replacing red as the secondary colour. The build quality, as you would expect from PDP is exemplary. The zip feels smooth and withstood the repeated opening and closing test. As well as the stitching being solid, with strong hems, the handle offers comfort and reassurance when in use.

Pikachu Edition
Regular Edition

Elite Backpack

The Nintendo Switch Elite backpack has a lot to like about it. First and foremost, it’s a comfortable lightweight back pack that, were it not for the Nintendo Switch branding, you’d be forgiven for thinking was nothing more than a fashionable satchel. Secondly, and ultimately most importantly, it has been designed with transporting your Nintendo Switch console and nearly any accessory, in mind. That doesn’t just mean Switch and Joy Con either.

This product has dedicated compartments for the console, the dock, AC adapter, six additional Joy Con, a Pro Controller and so much more. There’s room for game carts, headphones and all manner of peripherals. Not to mention, I even managed to squeeze my chromebook in there with minimal fuss. The bag has been set out to provide security and protection when in use. I found that even during the most vigorous of endeavors, everything present stayed in place.

The backpack itself is comfortable, with wide straps evenly distributing the weight across your shoulders and back. When absolutely filled to the brim with Nintendo Switch content, it did get a little bulky. However it always seemed secure and comfortable. If you need a satchel for transporting the entirety of your Switch set up, it’s hard to look past this. As with previous PDP products, the stitching and zips are of the highest quality.

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PDP continue to support the Nintendo Switch with quality and thoughtful products. The sheer amount of accessories on the market can be daunting. PDP provide peace of mind for style, comfort and performance. The winter ahead might be cold and long, but the gaming is going to come thick and fast. With the help of this great line, we’ll be able to enjoy it with more people, wherever we are.

PDP Gaming Nintendo Switch

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