PlayStation State of Play Recap | 29/04/21

PlayStation State of Play Recap

It seems that State of Play is cribbing even more from the Nintendo direct model as they hone and focus their livestreams in order to keep delivering announcements. We just got a quick little bite of one in the same vein as a direct mini. I’m personally glad to see them tweaking and refining these livestreams. The State of Play has come a long way since its messy early days. So what did we get in this mini-bite? Take a look at our recap of the State of Play.

Subnautica Below Zero

Well, the choice was made to start with the shorter and smaller announcements that they said would be coming along with the about 15 minutes of Rachet and Clank footage. The first of these was a quick trailer detailing how Subnautica Below Zero is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5. A few basic details given about the game with some flashy visuals that, frankly, look pretty great. Supposedly the PlayStation 5 version is going to have some DualSense support as well, which is always good to see. Additionally, anyone who has a physical or digital copy of the original Subnautica on PlayStation is going to have access to a PlayStation 5 upgrade that’s coming to the game later this year.

Among Us

Next up we got news that Among Us is also coming to PlayStation. This is both a surprise and not. Among Us fever has died down somewhat but it’s still quite popular, especially among younger people. No exact date given, but I think we can take this as a sign that their console launch on Switch went well. There’s also an exclusive Ratchet and Clank themed costume and pet, though it’s unclear if this is coming with purchase of the game or will be something extra that can be picked up as DLC.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Then, there was the big showstopper of the day, the Rift Apart gameplay. A lot of new and shiny stuff here! None of it is from the announcement back during the PlayStation 5 stream last year. The worlds that were shown all look absolutely beautiful and much more lively than the last game in the series, which is a nice upgrade. We were also given what looks to be some early story details which places a good portion of this game squarely in another dimension entirely from what we know. There’s also going to be worlds that are alternate counterparts to past favorites, which I am sure will be a big nostalgia boost for fans. Other interesting tidbits include little pocket dimensions to be found inside worlds and seeming weapon interchangeability between Ratchet and new character Rivet.

There was some details given in regards to what new weapons we’ll be looking at. Silly as always, but in a really fun way. More detail was given on the way that several of the weapons have a primary and secondary fire that is controlled and managed by use of the adaptive triggers. We already knew this was intended, but getting deeper detail was always nice. There was a ton of mention of how things feel, but that’s super hard to gauge without having it in our hands so we’re just going to have to wait and see how that comes out.

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