Poison Control | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Publisher: NIS America
  • Release Date: 13/04/2021
  • Price: £35.99 / $39.99
  • Review code provided by NIS America

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Introducing: Poison Control Switch Review

Being a huge RPG fan, I was excited to dive into this review of Poison Control. Poison Control is the latest game from Nippon Ichi Software, who are famously known for their JRPG’s. In this game you will be travelling through Hell itself, purifying the individual hells of the souls who have found themselves there. So let’s blast our way through this review just like blasting our way through Hell itself.

Where and Who am I?

The story of Poison Control follows the pairing of yourself, a lost mortal body in Hell, and a being that has bonded with you. The game refers to this pairing as Soul Mates, the bonding of a Klesha (beings formed of emotion) and mortal bodies. Your partner, however, suffers from amnesia and thus only remembers that beings who have formed a Soul Mate are called Poisonettes. The main goal of the game is to collect stickers by purifying personal hells. These stickers are used to open the door to Heaven and get your hearts deepest wish granted.

Belles of the Hells and Higan Radio

I rather liked the story telling when doing my review of Poison Control. As both you and your partner have amnesia, you find out about how you ended up in Hell through progression. Every single Hell you attempt to purify gives you good insight into the person it belongs to. Poison Control commonly uses “purifying someone’s hell” as a change of heat mechanic as even those still living can have their soul in hell. I loved that style of story telling because it felt like my actions had an impact versus them simply moving on. 

The other story telling mechanic I want to talk about is the slight comic relief of Higan Radio. Higan Radio is basically a built in clue system. The hosts of the show have a stereotypical comic radio host duo, but they give you clues to how to purify the hell you are going into. They were my favorite characters in the game. They just had so much personality and often made me chuckle.

Grab Your Posionette and Purify Those Hells

Poison Control separates its gameplay into several different parts. At the game’s core it is a fast paced action adventure shooter. Your main weapon is your Poisonette itself. When your Poisonette is not in full control of your body, she functions as a gun which fires poison. As you progress through the game you will find different types of shots to use. In each hell, you can also find poison gems through some simple puzzle solving. Finding all three of these will unlock a special weapon to upgrade and use in future dungeons or in mission replays if you want to do some grinding. 

While the Poisonette is in full control of your body, you enter Purge Mode. Purge Mode is what you need to clear poison mires within the dungeon. This will heal you, recharge your empty shots, and if you catch Klesha it will damage them as well. Managing a balance between firing your shots and clearing poison mires is key to getting through this game.

The Bond of Soul Mates

There is a rather rudimentary relationship system in Poison Control. Upon finding certain key items, you get to have a conversation with Poisonette. There are different personality traits that you can pick answers to raise. Thankfully the game tells you which stat it will raise. Raising your traits unlocks different passive skills such as increased health or gun clip size. I loved some of these chats, but they do phase out a little in the middle of the game.

The Frames Were Damned to Hell

The art in Poison Control is stylized and shaded in such a way that it reminded me of a light novel game. The animations ran pretty smoothly in general, but the light effects made it hard to see the Poisonette’s appearance. I rather enjoyed the music. It had a sort of ethereal, gospel quality when generally exploring and a heavy beat for locked room combat. The music just gave off an otherworldly vibe, which was fantastic given Poison Control’s setting and story.

I had a few issues while working on my review of Poison Control. Sometimes while in Purge Mode, my camera would just flip underneath the map. As far as I could tell, I wasn’t able to put the camera there myself. For the latter half of the game, where it was most likely to spawn larger areas and groups of enemies, I hit hard frame drops. There were a few times I thought the game might crash on me. I can’t say what is going wrong there, but it certainly killed the pacing for me.

Final Circle of Hell

Overall, I had a fun time while working on my review of Poison Control. The game is really fast paced and even chaotic at times. The storytelling was interesting and had unique ideas for the narrative. The art and music really made Poison Control enjoyable and tied everything together. It was a really fun experience and, despite the minor tech issues, I had a wonderful time.


  • Interesting Concept 
  • Beautiful art and music
  • Fun game play 


  • Frame and camera bug issues
  • Could use more tutorial on equipment loadouts


Poison Control will send you blasting through Hell to find out why you are there. Experiencing a gripping story with and exploring the many facets of human emotion.

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