[Review] Pure Pool – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: VooFoo Studios
  • Publisher: Ripstone Ltd.
  • Release Date: 17/11/2020
  • Price: £11.28 / $14.99
  • Review code provided by Ripstone Ltd.

Introducing: Pure Pool Switch Review

Due to a great deal of my basement space being consumed and/or donated to video games, and the collection of various other trinkets, I’ve given up any wants and fantasies of having any sort of large table-based sport tables.  Tables for games such as Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, and Pool.  But, through the magic of the Nintendo Switch, even those without the space for such an expensive addition to your already awesome home, you, too, can experience the quiet, calm, and angle-based sport of Pool in Pure Pool!

All Pool! All The Time!

Take. The. Shot.

Pure Pool is about all things on the pool table.  From a simple 8 or 9 ball game, to games like Snooker, Blackball, and Killer [which I have never heard of]. You can quickly play any tutorials to learn these game-types, set them up, and give them a try in Pure Pool’s surprisingly complex menu system.  You can also check leaderboards for players locally and around the world.

There is a surprisingly large amount of things to do in this game. For the price paid, and the overly long intro sequence you have to watch each time you turn on the game, I’m fairly surprised at the amount of content held within this game:

First, there is the campaign mode in which you can hone your skills in each different game, and several challenges, across several tournaments and become a pro in Pool!

Second, each game-type is available for you to challenge your friends in local multiplayer, or take your skills online and challenge the internet in any of these types, as well!

Third, there are several ways to control the game from using the control sticks to plan your angle and strength, to the touch screen controls which help you plan the strength of your shot even further.

While I never looked at pool as a very complicated game, as I only ever played with my brothers, this certainly opens up the world of any casual player to the various other ways that 16-ball Money-sink can be put to good use! 

Actually Beautiful

One part of this game I would like to give major props to real fast are the graphics.  While lighting tricks may have been used to hide some of the flaws the game may have, the end result is absolutely breathtaking.  The sheen on each ball, the dust as you pocket your final ball, the atmosphere of the whole game all culminates in the creation of an actually beautiful environment.  While I’d prefer to play in the comforts of my own basement, the game has created this wide open Pool Hall for the camera to fly around to watch each shot, switch to bigger tables for different games, and for the smoothest of tracks to play in the background.  Pure Pool really went above and beyond to provide the feeling you get while playing, and even in handheld mode, it shows.

Final Thoughts

Whew. Almost forgot what game we’re playing.

I found a lot of joy in playing my first few matches of the campaign in Pure Pool because I was getting a handle on the controls and angling my shots. My interest eventually dwindled when I realized that the computer players will destroy you if you make one mistake, and will only give you chances to win when they intentionally make mistakes.  Realizing this was a matter of angles and that scary thing called Math, I handed the controller to my much more Math-capable brother.

He beat the match I was stuck in and several more afterward.

Pure Pool is meant for those who love cue sports, as well as those with a casual interest in learning any more about Pool than the most basic knowledge.  It will teach you how to play, help you hone your skills, and show you that your entire strategy of “hit the ball hard and hope for the best” doesn’t usually work against professionals. Or computers. 


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Tutorial VERY thorough, you will learn a lot
  • Great learning tool
  • Actually very fun


  • Long, unskippable intro sequence
  • Menus can be a bit complicated
  • Computers can be overwhelming


The Perfect Game For Anyone With Any Interest in Cue Sports and A fine Game Overall.

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