Ranking Kirby’s Mouthfuls | Big Daddy Digest

The time has come! Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been released onto the world and we’re finally able to look into the place that is proving that there some things that even the ravenous Kirby can’t swallow. As such, we’ve decided to put these into a ranking to determine which one is the very top of the pile. When is it fun to play with your food and when are these mouthfuls just hard to swallow?

11. Storage / Dome

The Storage Boxes and the Dome mouthfuls for Kirby are placed this low purely because they are the least interesting and offer the least in terms of gameplay value. That’s not to say it’s not cute to watch Kirby struggle to get their little mouth around them, though. The problem comes in with how these are used. They hide away objects, writing, or passages from view and using them is merely a matter of grabbing on and wiggling until they break, not exactly the most groundbreaking thing in the world. It’s fun in the moment, but they were never going to get higher than the bottom of our list compared to the others.

10. Scissor-lift / Coaster

The Scissor-Lift and the Coaster do have a similar lack of freedom like the prior entries on this list, given that they are trapped on rails, but they offer a little bit more fun to be had because there is a gameplay utility to them. Even if we can’t take these wherever we want to, there’s still a lot of fun to be had where they are placed each time that they pop up. The Coaster may have a little more to do, but the lift is the one that looks a little sillier and is good for a laugh.

9. Pipe

source: Gamepur

The pipe wins out over the last two due to it’s destructive power, crashing through walls and bringing down whole sections of building. We have to wonder if poor little Kirby is alright after all of that. The pipe doesn’t have all that much going on, but when it becomes a quick game of timing a jump while on a roll, it brings in a little charm that some of the others might not quite have.

8. Arch

The Arch is a little strange because from what you’re swallowing, you wouldn’t expect it to do what it does. The Arch is for flight, allowing Kirby to glide over great distances in a way that shakes up the gameplay somewhat. It’s a nice diversion from the typical platforming, but it can take a little while to get a handle on the controls of this one, leading to a crash or two. Thankfully, the developers were kind enough allow us to invert the controls on the fly if one setup isn’t working for us.

7. Stairs

source: IGN

Stairs Kirby is not one that any of us were really expecting to see when these mouthfuls were introduced, is it? It’s perhaps one of the biggest in the game and one of the silliest. This does allow Kirby to move around a set of stairs in order to get some extra mobility, for sure, but is allow allows for something else, the ability to tip over and absolutely crush everything in their path. The only reason that it’s placed this low is because it’s just a bit too easy to end up tipping in the wrong direction and the stair orientation is completely locked in its initial direction. Kirby’s dumb stretched out face and tiny hands in front definitely make up for that, though.

6. Light Bulb

Light Bulb Kirby lights up our life… literally. This version of the pink bottomless pit has sucked up a light source to illuminate even the darkest places in the forgotten land. Just, uh, don’t ask exactly what’s powering the light… Either way, this is a fun little way to have fun with the mouthfuls and we’re happy to see it. It’s also perhaps one of the more fun shapes where Kirby nearly completely surrounds the object, making him look like he’s got a real big brain with big thoughts.

5. Cone

Cone Kirby is in this spot for one reason and one reason only. When you suck up the cone while using a copy ability, the hat gets perched right on the tip of the cone. It’s such a cute little detail and we love it to death. However, the destructive power of this cone is not to be underestimated. The only downside to this form is Kirby’s strong lack of agility in it and a slower movement speed as well. Though, given the circumstances, that’s understandable.

4. Water Balloon

The Water Balloon version of Kirby is a little bit of an odd man out compared to all the others on this list, as the object that’s being sucked up is a little more… fluid. Still, that doesn’t mean the game is lacking fun that can be had with this special way to fill Kirby up. There’s a lot of utility to be found here and it is just fun to soak your enemies with the deluge that Kirby can spit out. The best part, however, is simply the jiggly animations that were put together for this water balloon. They’re completely delightful!

3. Car

Car Kirby was the first mouthful variant that we were introduced to and the others had a lot to live up to as a result since this was one of the best that the game had to offer right off the bat. Car Kirby is not only fun and silly to look at, but is also a delight to actually play with. You’re able to drive at a nice smooth pace and even dash and zoom along the wonky roads that are left in this destroyed world. But, the most fun comes in when you realize that while speed boosting… Kirby can drift around corners. There’s no need to be slow and careful when Kirby can zoom and whip along the road!

2. Ring

Whoever came up with the idea that Kirby should be stretched out like a drum and used like one of those air canon toys deserves a raise. It’s one of the more creative uses of the concept and does get used in some creative ways by the team from the moment that it is introduced in the game. This might not be the cutest the Kirby has ever looked, but it does have the benefit of being one of the less horrifying to think about the implications of, unlike anything square or electrically powered. This Kirby is just what we feel like when the dentist tells us that we need to open our mouths wider, is all.

1. Vending Machine

Vending machine Kirby is the epitome of all these forms not for any element of design or for comedy, but because of simple mechanical function. It’s wonderful already that this turns our beloved pink friend into a machine gun, even if slow moving. However, the real benefit is that those drinks that Kirby is throwing all over the place, some of them can be picked back up to both replenish ammo and heal up from any damage taken. It’s a perfect perpetual machine, and we should all fear it.