Resident Evil Village | Review | Playstation 5

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: 07/5/2021
  • Price: £54.99 / $59.99
  • Review code provided by Capcom

Introducing: Resident Evil Village Review

What a happy family

Gosh, I was sure surprised when I got the chance to review Resident Evil Village on my Playstation 5. I have always been a fan of this series and don’t mind the direction the series has been taking as of late with Resident Evil 7. So why waste anymore time with the introduction, let’s get into Resident Evil Village and see what this game has in store for us.

Poor Ethan Winters

This man cannot catch a break. First he gets lured to a crazy house by his wife in an attempt to find her. He finally does that just to have his family life ripped away from him by the very secret service group that rescued him. Now he is stranded in a remote European village in search of his daughter. And he has to deal with a lot of monsters in order to rescue her. (Sorry that this sounds a little bare bones, but I would prefer to ruin as little of the story as possible.)

The Stunning Scenery

The game’s settings had some great variety to them. Castles, swamps, and old houses all detailed really well for the most part. I do have some nitpicks with the gilding inside Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. It doesn’t really reflect the light as well and some areas have more gilding than walls. Also, the overall doom and gloom aesthetic of the village is a great introduction to the rest of the story beats. 

All of the Standard Survival Horror Trappings

Literally anything you might want to see in a game of this genre is present within Resident Evil Village. Resource management and crafting, a various array of weapons and upgrades, and crazy looking creatures to shoot to death. The resource management is pretty standard for the Resident Evil series itself, though I loved how early I could get inventory upgrades. Also, the in-game map tracking what rooms are fully explored versus ones with hidden objects was really useful for exploration. Some of the weapons felt a little too weak, even with some heavy upgrading. Though I seem to be getting ahead of myself, let’s meet the wonderful man in charge of helping us supply our journey.

The Glorious Duke has Arrived

Pretty sure this room was built just for him

Oh yes, what kind of Resident Evil game would we be playing without our oddly convenient merchant that travels through the game with us? Well fear not for Resident Evil Village has quite the character to meet our shop keeping needs. Duke, the jolly fat man, is intriguing in himself. As he plays a more pivotal role within the story than previous game’s merchants. He will handle selling you supplies, new crafting blueprints, weapons, do upgrades, buy the treasures you find on your journey, and even cook meals for you that boost your stats permanently. Despite being so helpful, I still have no trust for this man and even tried to shoot him the first time he rolled out of the back of his wagon. All he did was laugh at me and comment on my weapon.

Alright You Deviants, Let’s talk about Lady Dimitrescu

Is this the vampire everyone is obsessed with?

I feel like if I review this game and do not mention her then her internet cult following might hang me up like a scarecrow in the village. So, I get it guys, you are all into this character way too hard, and aside from being the first big boss, she doesn’t play a huge role in the game. You know who else noticed your obsession with this character? Capcom certainly did as they made entire trailers focused on her to promote the game. Honestly that was really smart marketing on their part, and it allowed them to keep us fairly in the dark regarding the rest of the story. Also, there is a clip of her literally shoving a zombie into the wall and it made me personally like her all the more.

Survival Horror is Here but Where are the Spooks

Probably the biggest spook in the game right here

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village. But I felt that with their transition to a more action horror style game, they have lost some of the charm. I used to play these games because there were really solid horror experiences. But I found myself only weirded out a bit by the dollhouse area of the game. The rest of it was like “Oh another enemy showed up, time to aim for the head.” I just truly wanted to be scared playing Resident Evil Village and it didn’t really deliver here.

Just Loving these Glitches

You okay there buddy?

I want to preface this by saying I experienced nothing game breaking during my play through, but there were still a few issues. There were some flying enemies that kept flying through the castle walls and floors if I knocked them down out of bounds and I kept having my interact icon disappearing on me when I didn’t even move. Nothing really game breaking, but all of it really noticeable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a wonderful time doing the Resident Evil Village review. If you are a fan of Resident Evil 7 then this game is certainly for you. It looks stunning for the most part. There is a rather robust cast of characters and yes shocker there is more than just Lady Dimitrescu here. This was a really solid survival horror game with heavy action sequences that will continually draw you in. 


  • Stunning environments
  • Robust cast of characters
  • Wide variety of weapons 


  • Some parts in the game break suspension of disbelief 
  • Some enemy clipping through environments
  • Not really scary


Resident Evil Village is a stunning game in appearance. It will have you running in a frantic race to save your daughter. Keep one eye on the shifty Duke however.

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