Retro Revengers | Review | Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Happymeal, Undercoders
  • Publisher: Shinyuden
  • Release Date: 24/08/2023
  • Price:£8.89  / $9.90
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Introduction to the Retro Revengers Review

Jump, flap, and farther? Yeah, farther your way through the levels in this retro arcade platformer Retro Revengers. I will be the first to admit that this hidden gem sure almost slipped past my radar, and that would be a shame. As a fan of Retro platformers, with many fond memories of playing Megaman in my youth, I am surprised that it took hearing about this game from a friend and a super fan for me to even know this game was coming out. 

Now I need to watch out because I am getting ahead of myself. How about you strap in, get isekai’d into a game cartridge, and join me in this review of Retro Revengers.

Truck-kun, No!

Okay, I know that may be a dead meme, but I couldn’t help thinking about it as this game loads up. The story of Retro Revengers follows a cast of retro games streamers who uncover an unheard of game cartridge, and they of course get sucked into it. Once sucked into the game it is explained to them that the Demon Overlord of Triple-A, otherwise called DOTA, is challenging the status quo of gaming as a whole and trying to eliminate retro gaming as a whole. 

Well our heroes(?) can’t let that slide. So, they each traverse through stages designed for their unique abilities, explained to them by creations of their childhood, in order to regroup and defeat DOTA. Well, that is until the game full of references pulls a Ghosts N’ Goblins on you and has you run the whole game over again cause you are far too weak to defeat DOTA the first go around. 

Challenging Retro Platforming

Retro Revengers excels in this area by far. During the first run-through of the game, you will play through each of the five characters, each with different attacks and traversal abilities. I will say my personal favorite has to be the cat, Mao, who can hang upside down from ceilings with a charged jump and claws away enemies and their projectiles. Though he is not the only fun one to play. 

Another unique stage would be the eldest member of Ossan’s stage. He doesn’t jump as well as the others so his stage has a lot of Switch mechanics to raise platforms, which helps his stage stand out from the others.

Now, if you are like me and got through the first run feeling like things were a little too easy, Retro Revengers heard you loud and clear and raised you double for the second run. 

Second Run Challenges

Just like retro platformers of old, the second run through pulls no punches. Increased enemy spawns, some more difficulty platforming jumps, and a little more projectile hell for good measure.

The game doesn’t leave you empty handed for finishing the first run however. First, the cast receives super charged versions of their powers, allowing for stronger charged attacks against the increased horde of enemies. But I had a lot more fun with the second benefit you get for clearing your first run, the ability to play as any of the characters.

While the stages feel designed for specific characters, you find a lot more hidden stuff throughout the levels while playing as the other characters. Such as chests that reward you with extra points or full health. Another unique aspect of playing as the different characters is that they have individual health bars, which allows you to extend your attempts further just by switching to other characters.

All of the References

Retro Revengers loves its references. Referencing retro platformers by doing the second run of the game to get the “true ending.” To them making a copyright joke when they call the main villain DOTA for the first time.

While some of the streamer related references can be a tad bit much at times. The general humor of Retro Revengers is good natured and laid-back and have a good juxtaposition to the challenging nature of the game otherwise.

Art Style and Music

The general art style for Retro Revengers feels clean and yet seems to embody the classic feeling of the genre it belongs to. Plus the music adds a more classic retro feeling to the play experience while avoiding the classic audio issues that come with straight audio playing retro music through modern speakers. Overall, I feel that the artistic choices made truly embody the spirit of a retro platformer.

Final Thoughts

Retro Revengers has got to be a true hidden gem. Everything from its character and story elements to the art and music that make you feel like you are truly engrossed in a game from your childhood. (Or perhaps I am dating myself a bit there?) If you are a retro platformer fan, then Retro Revengers is a must play for you.


  • Inspired Retro platformer 
  • Interesting character and power mash-ups
  • Charming and on point art and music
  • Plenty of secrets to find


  • Not beginner friendly
  • Knockback can be unforgiving

Retro Revengers is a must play for fans of retro platforming games.

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