[Review] Battle Worlds: Kronos – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by Thomas

  • Developer: KING Art
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Release Date: 11/06/2019
  • Price: $29.99 / £26.99
  • Review code provided by THQ Nordic


Read this, if you want to live. That’s how my time started with Battle Worlds: Kronos. An ominous message to be sure. As a veteran strategy gamer I scoffed at the hollow warning. Moments into the tutorial I ate my scoffs. Or swallowed my pride, maybe? However the saying goes, I was chewed up and spit out on the first skirmish. Battle Worlds: Kronos had decimated me. Kronos rewards those who take their time and build a sound plan. Rushing in head long will clearly result in a swift demise.

Battle Words, Kronos?

Battle Worlds: Kronos has a pretty straightforward plot. A new emperor is needed for the planet. This results in major factions going to war. You fill the role as a new commander. You’re the ace up the sleeve for the General since you’re highly skilled and underestimated. It wasn’t the generic plot that pulled me into the World of Kronos. It was the delivery. Not only are the characters unique, the writing is done where it lets you glimpse into their thoughts. This lets you get to know each person on a deeper level and see what drives them. As good as the writing was, it had its faults too. There was a fair amount of predictability despite the twists and turns. That being said, I don’t play this style of game for the story alone. The gameplay is the main course while the narrative is the appetizer.

Fools Rush In

Battle Worlds: Kronos is a tactical turn-based strategy game. Viewed on a top-down map using a grid based movement system. The map sizes are a bit misleading as they appear small. A single mission can last a few hours. Attempting to charge in guns blazing will needlessly sacrifice your troops. Unlike similar titles where you can harvest resources to build an endless army, you have strict limits. Resources can be used to build or repair troops. Units are in short supply and it’s important to be stingy with the ones you have. Aside from repair depots, you can also find supplies on the ground to heal your troops. If you’re desperate, you can spend your level up skill to instantly heal. That may be a tempting option when your back’s against the wall but comes at the risk of missing out on a precious improvement.

There is a huge array of vehicles to choose from for your army. For your ground units you have various scouts, tanks and mechs. There are watercraft ranging from transports and destroyers to submarines. You also have an airbase and control drones, helicopters, bombers and fighters. Each unit has a strength and a weakness. Some have movement restrictions while others can attack twice in a turn. Knowing the details of each unit is key to keeping your army alive. At any time in the game you can bring up details to help manage their specifics.

Battle Worlds: Kronos isn’t a title which works well for on the go gaming. With the amount of planning and strategy that is involved, you’ll need sufficient time to dedicate to each mission. Moving units one by one grew tiresome at times. Especially since the bumper buttons cycle to units who have an action remaining. If you have a tank where only one move is allowed and the second action has to be an attack, it will continually cycle to the tank even though it can’t be used that turn. It would have been nice if there were a cycle option specific to movement versus any available action.

Fighting Fun For Everyone!

There is a lot of content packed into this strategy title. In addition to the main story campaign are single player challenges and multiplayer. Multiplayer is done via hot-seat. Though not the most convenient, it works and is fun to interact with your opponent sitting right beside you. That’s also the draw back of a strategy game. Your frenemy can see what you’re doing and where your troops are positioned. One advantage the Nintendo Switch version has over PS4 is tabletop mode. You can play across from each other and just turn the switch to hold onto your tactical surprise. The pass and play multiplayer was a lot of fun but it certainly takes a lot of time. If you play with someone who likes to plan every move in detail, you can probably mow your lawn or wash your car before your next turn.

The Grotesqueries of War

The graphics are decent for the Nintendo Switch. The wording can be a bit small. Playing in handheld mode or closer to a television is helpful when reading the unit details. The movements are fluid and launching a volley of missiles at an approaching scout is extremely satisfying to see and hear. The music is calming despite battling across a war torn land. The sound effects for each attack is unique and detailed. Each craft is specific and you feel like you’re commanding a modern military force. I didn’t run into any bugs or glitches. Regardless of handheld mode, table top or on the television, Battle Worlds: Kronos ran great and the controls were intuitive for console.

Final Wrap

Battle Worlds: Kronos is a pleasing entry in the turn-based strategy genre for the Nintendo Switch. The campaign is robust and challenging. The option to play against a friend adds to the excitement. Especially if your friend is a child who lacks strategy game experience and you leave his army is a smoking pile of ash. Joking aside, it was a lot of fun to play with my son. He got a kick out of the game and had started his own campaign before long.


  • Deep Tactics
  • Challenging
  • Several Play Modes


  • Time Consuming Movement
  • Unit Selection Process

Battle Worlds: Kronos brings deep strategy to Nintendo Switch and it’s worth the wait.

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