[Review] The Raven Remastered – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by @Brett_SevenDaze

  • Developer: King Art Games
  • Publisher:  THQ Nordic
  • Release Date: 22/01/2019
  • Price: £26.99 / $29.99
  • Review code provided by THQ Nordic


The year is 1964 and a precious gem has been stolen from the British museum in London, England. All that was left at the scene of the crime was a black feather, the calling card of the infamous thief the Raven. It was thought that the Raven was shot dead in Paris 5 years prior to the incident in London, is it an imposter re-creating the Raven’s footsteps? Or did he escape the clutches of death and return to pull off the heist of a lifetime?

The stolen ruby was from a set of 2 called the “Eyes of the Sphinx” which were meant to be transported to Cairo to be displayed together for the first time. With one of them missing the plan still goes ahead but extra measures are set to transport second “Eye”, it is placed in a safe and loaded onto the Freight carriage of the Orient Express. What could go wrong….

Attempted Murder on the Orient Express

The game starts on a train platform in Switzerland where you play as Constable Anton Jacob Zellner. Once you have boarded the train Anton starts talking to a young American boy called Matthew Miller, after the conversation has ended a short tutorial starts. Here is where I witnessed my first major issue with the game, the controls are rather clunky. To make the Constable walk in a straight line I found myself constantly wiggling the analogue stick which gets irritating rather quickly. The second issue was the loading times between each scene, this ruined the flow of the story line for me.

Inspector Legrand who also plays a huge part in the story is guarding the safe in the freight carriage of the train as he is certain the Raven will strike again. He is obsessed with the thief and has sleepless nights trying to foil his plans, Legrand thought he had shot the raven dead in Paris and is starting to get restless about his return. The lights on the train go out causing a commotion, when they come back on a note is found on top of the safe with a black feather. shortly after that a bomb is found which explodes causing the train to derail inside a tunnel. This is where the game becomes more of a puzzle game and less about the dialogue. Now is the time for you to use the skills you have learned up until now to get yourself and everyone else to safety.

Murder on the Mediterranean

The second location is on the cruise ship MS Lydia where the precious stone is kept in cargo and is heading to Cairo. The guests who have been invited to the grand unveiling are on board the ship, living the high life, which is all funded by Baroness Von Trebitz. After celebrating the first night on the cruise she seems to have had too much to drink and heads back to her room for a rest before she passes out. Shortly after, gunshots are heard from her room. The Baroness is taken to the medical room where she is pronounced dead. It is the job of Anton and Legrand to work out what has happened.

My last gripe with the game is the mini games, specifically the lock picking mini game which is introduced when you are attempting to break into Inspector Legrand’s room. You have to bend a pin in 5 places to recreate the shape of the for the lock but there are little to no instructions on what to do, but it is one of those how did I not see that moments when you have figured it out. I also don’t understand why it was included in the game as all of the other doors that need to be picked are done with a short cut scene. Either use the mini game for all the doors or not at all.

The Great Ancient Egyptian Heist

The Second “Eye of The Sphinx” has made it unscathed to the museum in Cairo. it is gently placed in the bulletproof enclosure and placed in the treasure room. What could go wrong? The alarm triggers and big metal shutters close around the room and the museum, Constable Anton is trapped inside. Once you have used your wit to open the metal shutter to the treasure room it is too late the gem has gone, all that is left is destruction and a massive hole in the floor showing the basement. Zellner climbs down and finds a hidden door which has 4 spinning discs on with animal heads on. You have to use clues from around the museum to get the right sequence. Once the door opens you climb a dark and narrow staircase which leads to the loft of the museum. Here he is confronted by the Raven himself for the final showdown. Or is it an imposter? The events that have happened throughout the story do not carry the traits of the thief. The raven does not kill or create havoc, he likes to go without a trace. So who could it be?

The screen goes blank making you think it is the end of a short game leaving you with more questions than answers but it then takes you back to the beginning, you are at the train station in Switzerland where you play through the story again but as the Raven’s accomplice Adil. Here you get to fill in the gaps and see how the greatest heist was planned and executed.

So who was the Raven….. Well that’s what makes it nearly the perfect detective point and click adventure game. You will not figure it out till literally the last cut scene of the game.


The Raven Remastered is a typical point and click adventure which will have you searching every nook and cranny of the environment to find all the clues and items to help you along. combining items also plays a huge part in the game ie. sticking chewing gum to a radio antenna and a mirror so you can get a view of hard to get places, this can be done by accessing the inventory. The visuals of the game are not perfect with the shadowing and lighting being an issue but the cut scenes make up for this due to the narration and dialogue. The story telling in the Raven is fantastic and the voices of the characters gets you gripped, it will want you to see the game through till the end but it does has its flaw. The controls, load screens and the mini-games let this almost great detective story down. Once the story is over there is very little to bring you back apart from a few extra bonus content like artwork and a short video of a concert with an orchestra playing the songs from the Raven.

Gameplay 3/5
Graphics 3/5
Sound 5/5
Value for money 3/5


An almost great point and click adventure game but is let down with a few major flaws.

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