Scoring Policy

Right from the moment of our inception, the underlying ethos of Big Daddy Gaming (though we were called Nintendad at the time!) was to provide comprehensive coverage of all things Nintendo. In terms of reviews, we initially adopted an out of 5 scoring spectrum. However, as the landscape of games journalism continues to evolve, this began to make less and less sense. Unfortunately, and perhaps due to the ever-growing number of sites offering their own inimitable opinions, tying a review to a number seemed increasingly unfair, due in part to how readers perceive this score. A score of 3.5/5, which relates to 7/10, is a very good score but some people just can’t see that.

Because of this, we’re delighted to announce our new way of scoring games. Effective immediately, all content reviewed on Big Daddy Gaming will be issued a stamp, a seal of approval if you like. This new system is broken down into five tiers:

  • Golden Child = Golden Child games are so exemplary or engaging that any flaws they may have don’t detract from the overall experience. Golden Child games are the best of the best, and are benchmarks in their genre or series.
  • Favourite Child = Favourite Child games excel at what they set out to achieve, but are brought down by flaws which hold the experience back from pure gaming bliss. You cannot go wrong with a Favourite Child game, even if the occasional issue crops up.
  • Average Child = Average Child games are a mixed bag, whether due to a lack of ambition, or strengths and weaknesses in equal part. With Average Child games, there is a worthy experience here, but one that may take some digging to find.
  • Problem Child = Problem Child games need some work. While Problem Child games may have good concepts and exciting mechanics, their flaws outweigh the positive elements.
  • Demon Child = Demon Child games just aren’t any good. Only a mother could love these games.

As always, all reviews are subjective, and entirely reflective of the experience by the member of our team who reviewed it. As we like to say, the merits of the review should be determined by the nuance of the words, not the number at the bottom of the page.

Big Daddy Gaming continues to evolve and grow exponentially, and whether you are a regular of the site, a publisher or developer or have simply stumbled upon our humble site whilst perusing your favourite search engine, we promise you that this next step in our development will be beneficial to all and allow our editorial presence to prosper.

Thank you for continuing to support us, and welcome to phase two.