[Preview] SnakeByte’s Nintendo Switch Lite line

With the Nintendo Switch Lite set to release in but a few small weeks, it comes as no surprise that companies are already making accessories for Nintendo’s newest hybrid handheld. During my recent jaunt to Germany for Gamescom, I was invited to see some of the products that SnakeByte will be bringing to the table.

Switch Lite Carry Case

If you’re picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite, the chances are you are planning on taking it out and about. Snakebyte showed me a case I’d be proud to put my shiny new Nintendo handheld in. Instead of offering an array of colours and styles, Snakebyte have opted for a case that incorporates the three base colours of the Nintendo Switch Lite models – Grey, Yellow and Turquoise. The result is a stylish product that offers practicality and elegance in equal measure. Aside from the protection it offers your console, it also has (X) spaces for your game carts and a little zip bag to store other accessories. At the time of writing, I’ve yet to see a better looking Switch Lite case.

As well as the standalone case, there will be a Travel Kit available alongside it, which contains a set of wired earphones, a USB C cable for charging purposes and a pair of thumb stick grips.

The Travel Kit

Wireless Controllers

One of the drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch Lite is it’s lack of removable controllers, essentially meaning it’s a one man gaming machine. But what if you want to play a round of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with a friend in tabletop mode and you don’t want to shell out £70 for a spare set of Joy Con? Enter Snakebyte. These controllers resemble individual Joy Con in those little plastic grips you can pick up at your local Tesco for £10, albeit, to a much higher level of finish. They feel great in your hands, incredibly comfortable and perfect for young and old gamers alike. At the time of writing, Snakebyte are unsure as to a release date.

Bluetooth Adapter

The whole debacle of why Nintendo doesn’t have connectivity to Bluetooth headphones built into the Nintendo Switch reared it’s ugly head again recently with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite. While Nintendo’s PR spin was always that the signal may interfere with the performance of the Joy Con Controllers, the lack of this feature being present in the Joy Con-less model does seem somewhat unforgivable.

Snakebyte aim to emulate the success of the OG Genki Bluetooth Adaptor by bringing their own model to the table. No release date was specified, at the time of viewing.

Screen: Shield Pro

The Screen Shield Pro is a scree protector made from tempered glass. With the Switch Lite designed with the sole purpose of being a handheld console, it goes without saying that a screen protector is a day one buy.

Bumper Case

The Bumper Case is the perfect accessory for Nintendo Switch Lite owners of a younger age, who may be more prone to dropping or bumping their shiny new toy. Hey, even clumsy adult gamers like myself could make good use of this product. The bumper feels thick and robust, and while I didn’t have the opportunity to see it on a Nintendo Switch Lite, I can imagine, if anything it makes it feel much more wholesome and brings it closer to the OG model.

Byting my tongue

All in all, the products that Snakebyte showed off, as you would expect from such a prestigious brand, were of high quality and more importantly, looked to serve a function. Stay tuned to Nintendad for a more in depth look at these products, as and when the become available.

Thanks to Snakebyte for taking the time to see me at Gamescom, and for Little Big PR for setting everything up.

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