[Review] Snakeybus – Nintendo Switch

  • Developer: Stovetop Studios
  • Publisher: Digerati
  • Release Date: 02/04/2020
  • Price: £10.79 / $11.99
  • Review code provided by Digerati

Introducing: Snakeybus Switch Review

In the classic game of Snake you head towards the goal as you continuously grow in size. The name of the game is surviving as long as you can without running into yourself or any other dead ends. Snakeybus takes the simple appeal of that timeless arcade title into the third dimension.

The Snakeybus is Coming!

The gameplay is simple: you are a bus that needs to collect passengers from stops and head to a randomly chosen destination. Each time you do so, more carriages will be added to your bus increasing your passenger capacity. So long as you’re avoiding any dead ends you’ll soon find yourself amassing a large back and can quickly run into yourself. The bus perpetually moves but you can brake, accelerate, drift and jump. The jump is charged by a meter so you can make some pretty huge leaps (assuming you don’t end up out of bounds). Thankfully in this game you don’t lose from running into yourself, at least not all the time. You have one second if you’re stopped to keep moving again or you’ll lose. Anytime you lose and the round ends, your score, including bus length and time, will be recoreded and can be uploaded to the leaderboards.

Aside from Classic mode you can do a Time Rrace. This involves having to reach a goal with at least some passengers before time runs out. The more passengers you have the more time will be refreshed. Once you’ve gotten a hang of the maps it’s a better way to play the game. You might find yourself faring better with the pressure on. There are two other modes, Endless and Aerial, but these are restricted to a specific map each. With Endless, there are no passengers and no pressure. In Aerial, the jump meter is always charged, as you’ll need it to collect people and avoid the large body of water.

Aside from simply trying to top it, your score will add up to give you unlockables. These are different style buses and maps for a total of nine normal (plus the two mode unique ones). Some maps are easier to understand than others with lots of dead ends, water pits or holes. Since the score adds up over various tries, you don’t need to be good at the game to unlock everything.

Seat No. 123 A

Snakeybus Nintendo Switch

The graphics are very simplistic albeit intentionally. Passengers, for example, are minimal and get sucked into the bus by some invisible vortex rag-dolling them out of view. Still the game looks a bit worse on the Switch than other versions. It is to the point that you might think intentional style changes between maps are simply texture issues. Asides from some lacking definition, the lighting is a key difference. Also, there’s an option to drive from a first person view, but it’s detrimental to play with.

The eight track soundtrack gives off a more relaxing vibe than you’d expect from this game style. It’s mostly a chill-hop style though there are a couple upbeat tunes. The sound effects seem to be lacking, but they are there for key actions.

Shakey Rides

The game runs decently considering all the action, although I did have frame drops here and there. Considering the graphical style, it seems to run the same both in handheld and docked. Loading screens can feel a touch long and in one instance, it did freeze the game.

Stop Here, Please!

Outside of sharing the novelty with friends and family, all you have is the chance to better your score. This is the kind of repetitive gameplay that’s best suited for a ride on transit. Personally I found my enjoyment of the game fleeting while my little sister said it was “satisfying.” The PC version has gotten a multiplayer update, but there’s nothing yet on if it’ll come to consoles at any point. Snakeybus on Switch looks inferior, has less content and costs more than on Steam.


  • Simple pick up and play fun
  • Relaxing tunes


  • Costs more than the PC version
  • No multiplayer


If Snakeybus is the ride you want to take, you’d be better off taking the PC line.