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Mini-games can sometimes be the best experience of a video game. Any gamer you ask will be able to tell you what their favourite mini-games are. So this week I asked that question of our very own staff.

Some Real Love for Super Monkey Ball

Source: Jake Sharratt Martínez,(YouTube)

“I’m going to throw Super Monkey Ball’s Monkey target in the mix. One of the first games I bought for the Gamecube simply to boot up monkey target whilst having friends over.” -Gareth Tucker

Shout out for Ape Escape 1

“This was one of my favorites. Ape Escape might not be as well known today, but it was such a showcase for the Dualshock controller back in the day. The game had several mini-games, but my favorite was Specter Boxing. The monkeys were so wobbly it was hilarious.” -Mel Curtis

Some of us really enjoy our Gambling Mini-games

Favourite mini-games
Source: SuperPhillip Central

“I was thinking about older mini-games, and Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald’s Game Corner (in Mauville City) was ridonkulously addicting- Namely the roulette wheels Also in Generation 3, the Berry Blender mini-game was awesome. You could even play it with friends via a link cable.” -Anna Karasik

“Gambling mini-games are my favorite. Specific examples are from Golden Sun/Lost age with the dice games and the card games in the Tales of RPGs. They usually end up being fun, easy ways to get great equipment, and/or lots of cash in a fun way. As a person who is horrible at in-person gambling/card games, facing an RNG monster in which I can win fake cash is always a plus.” -James Fairbanks

Games with Many Mini-games

Favourite mini-games

Sometimes it is certainly easier just to pick a game with a ton of good mini-games in it. Going to have to side with Derek here on the Yakuza series having some amazing mini-games.

“The Yakuza series has the best mini-games, which are mostly older SEGA arcade games. But they also have tons of card games, slot machines, kart racing, and even rhythm mini-games.” -Derek Wright

Kirby 64′ Had Some Amazing Mini-games

Source: Nintendo64Movies (YouTube)

“Literally everything on Kirby 64′ multiplayer mode. My friends and I would hang out as my house when we would wait for the bus in the morning and cram as many rounds of them in as we could before we all had to bolt out fo the house as to not miss the bus. Checkerboard Chase was easily the best of the three games.” -Kevin Ohme

Planet Scanning Can Be Fun?

Source: Mass Effect Wiki

Honestly, when I asked the question What are your favourite mini-games, team? I didn’t expect a resource gathering mini-game to come up. Guess this question was full of surprises for me.

“Call me crazy, but I loved the planet scanning mini-game on Mass Effect 2. I can completely understand why some people found it tedious but there was something hypnotically satisfying about spiraling around the planet to detect those mineral deposits and launching a probe at the sweet spot. I never wanted to move on from a planet until I’d completely drained it of every last natural resource.” -Dan Holtby

Card Games Can Be a Whole New Game

Source: Witcher Wiki

Man, I can’t turn down a card game inside of my games either. Originally wanted to do this piece because I have been obsessed with ‘B’ and ‘D’ in Bravely Default 2. Glad to see I am not the only one that enjoys card games within their games.

“I loved Gwent in Witcher 3. It felt like a whole other game, with the meta-game of collecting the cards within such a big expansive RPG.” -Richard Strachan

Taking Those Monsters for a Ride


I enjoyed the original mounting monsters game in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Generations. You had to jump on the monster’s back and ram your knife into it while the monster tried to throw you off. Time it wrong and you would fly, time it right and it would go down. Sooooooo satisfying!” – Joachim Ziebs

Leisure Activity Mini-games are Delightful

Favourite mini-games

“It’s hard to look past fishing in Ocarina of Time when asked about my favourite mini-games. As the fate of Hyrule hangs in the balance of Link, young or old, always has time to kick back, put his feet up, equip his sinking lure and cast his line in the deepest depths of the Lake Hyrule’s fishing hole.

That being said, having recently played The Last of Us Part 2 to completion, the moments where, as Ellie, you could just sit back and jam offered an equally ethereal sense of respite, from the rigors of a post pandemic world. Not only is it a lovely juxtaposition against smashing a runner’s skull into a brick wall. It’s also a fairly competent guitar simulator tool set. One that allows, through a set of chords, you to fully unleash your inner musician.” -Kieran Fifield

Those are some of our favourite Mini-games. What are yours?

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